; William Bailey
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William Bailey


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									William Bailey

William Bailey is believed to have been born in    adjacent land. It is believed that the Dendy,
Scotland about 1696. He is possibly the son of     Motes and Bailey families were somehow tied
Richard Baile.                                     by marriages. The Dendy family came from
                                                   Lunenburg and Amelia Virginia. It is possible
Is said to have been a Baptist preacher. He is     the Bailey family was there also.
also thought to have been a soldier.
                                                   William is listed as being northeast of Samuel
It is not known when David was born.               Caldwell on Little River, Berkley County on 2
                                                   June 1767.
Lucy was born about 1750. and died 2 August
1828 in Laurens Co.,, SC. She married William      William’s land is listed as joining on the
Coleman, son of Hezekiah Coleman and               northwest the grant to Robert Sims on Little
Winiford Bailey ?. He was born 1765 in ,, VA,      River on 6 October 1767.
and died 2 AUG 1828 in Laurens Co.,, SC.
                                                   William is listed as being southeast of Moses
William was born about 1751.                       Yarbrough on Little River, Berkley County on 1
                                                   December 1767.
Levicey was born about 1752.
                                                   On 22 February 1771 David Craddock was
James was born about 1754. He was born Abt         granted 150 acres on the waters of Saludy River.
1760 in VA?, and died 1826 in SC.                  This land was bounded on the southeast by
                                                   William’s land.
Zachariah was born 14 December 1756. and died
18 November 1834 in Laurens Co.,, SC. He           William’s will was written on 27 January 1787
married Winiford Coleman about 1780 in South       in Laurens Co. South Carolina.
Carolina. She was a daughter of Hezekiah
Coleman and Winiford Bailey ?. She was born        In the 1790 census for Laurens, South Carolina
20 December 1760, and died 9 August 1829 in        there is a William Bailey, 1, 0, 3, a William
Laurens Co.,, SC.                                  Bailey Sr. 2, 0, 2, and a James Bailey 2, 2, 1
Margery was born about 1757.
                                                   On 14 Jun 1791 William is listed on a plat for
John was born about 1759.                          Andrew Rodgers for 701 acres on Little River in
                                                   Laurens County, Ninety Six District, survey by
It is not known when Mary was born, maybe          John Hunter. Also listed are John Hunter, James
about 1758. She possibly married Matthew           Burnside, James Lucas, John Rodgers, Joseph
Motes.                                             Babb, John Chesnut, Mackerness Good, Robert
                                                   Sims, and Willliam Drew. Also mentioned are
William took land in Laurens, South Carolina in    Beaver Dam Creek and Saluda River.
1767 and allow with John, his brother, is
mentioned in many land grants.                     William died on 16 June 1791 in Laurens, South
Both William and John Bayley took land grants
in Berkley County, South Carolina on the waters    William Dendy is listed as an appraiser of the
of the Little River. William took 400 acres,       William Bailey estate.
bounded by vacant lands on 3 March 1767. The
survey was certified on 14 May 1767 by Enoch       On 23 January 1801 Zachariah Motes and
Pearson, D.S and granted in October 1767.. The     William Baly witness the will of James Roberts.
memorial of this grant was made 6 (illegible)      In the will James names his daughter Sarah
1767 and Quit Rent to commence in 2 years.         Fuller. This may be the same person that marries
Signed by John Cargill. Johns’ grant adjacent to   Absolom Coleman.
William’s on the northeast. At this same time a
neighbor William Dendy was granted the
On 17 May 1807 Zachariah Bailey Sr. deeds to                     before Z. Bailey, the J. P. William Coleman the
Zachariah Bailey Jr. both of Laurens County,                     husband of Lucy Bailey is mentioned as owning
100 acres on Beaverdam Creek.. Witnessed by                      the adjacent land.
Thomas Davenport, Thomas Hughes and
William Bailey Sr. Recorded on 21 April 1807.                    On 19 September 1811 Robert Pasley gives a
Laurens Deed Book H, page 220.                                   tract of land to his son Robert, Jr. in Laurens
On 20 April 1810 William and Winey Bailey                        County. This land was bounded by William
witnessed a deed from Elender Donohow to                         Bailey.
Polly Kelly. William Bailey Jr. swore an oath


Laurens Wills, Volume 1, Section A, Page 48 or 49
Will of Wm. Bailey
In the name of God Amen. I Wm. Bailey of Laurens County and State of So. Carolina do make & ordain this my last
will and testament.
First of all I recommend my soul to God who gave it & my body to the earth to be buried with a decent Christian burial
at the discretion of my Executors;
First of all I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Ann all my moveable property that is in or shall be in my possession
at the time of my decease, with the plantation whereon I now live, during her lifetime;
I give and bequeath to my son William the lower half of the tract of land whereon he now lives;
I give and bequeath to my son James the upper part of the tract of land whereon he now lives after the decease of his
I give to my grandson Wm. Bailey, son of David Bailey one pound stelg, and the residue of my estate after the decease
of my wife and the payment of all my just debts to be equally divided amongst my children viz. John, Zachariah,
Marjary, Mary, William, James, Lucey, and Levicy and I do constitute and appoint Zachariah Bailey, William Bailey,
and James Bailey executors of this my last will and testament, and I do hereby revoke and disannul, all other wills and
testament by me heretofore made, and I do acknowledge this and no other to be my last will and testament.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this twenty seventh day of January Seventeen hundred and
eighty seven,
Signed Sealed and acknowledged in the presence of A. Rodgers Junr. Thos. Rodgers, John Rodgers. Signed Wm.
Recorded in Book A page 48. Recorded and proven date not available. Original will not in files of Probate Judge.

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