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									Basler sprint 2k and 4k Cameras Enter
Full Series Production
Ahrensburg, 12 June 2008 - Basler sprint 2k and 4k mono line scan
cameras have successfully made the transition from their start up phase to
full series production. Just as with other Basler cameras, each sprint is
assembled using an optimized production process in a clean room
environment. And each camera is subjected to a suite of sophisticated tests
in Basler’s Camera Test Tool (CTT+) to ensure the highest quality. The
CTT+ includes calibration routines for the camera's sensor and startup
parameters as well as numerous other tests.

The Basler sprint has been very successful and has gained great market
acceptance in just a short time after the product launch. The cameras exhibit
outstanding performance in high speed applications or where light is limited.
The maximum line rate of the sprint does not decrease at higher resolutions
and remains at 140 kHz for both the 2k and 4k models. To achieve adequate
exposure with the extremely short integration times seen at very high
speeds, the sprint's sensor was designed to have exceptionally sensitive
pixels. Due to its very low noise level, the sprint provides a very high SNR
(signal-to-noise ratio). This means that sprint cameras can perform well
under conditions where most conventional line scan cameras would output a
signal that is mainly noise.

The cameras in the sprint family include powerful features such as an AOI
(area of interest) with linear speed increase, shading correction, test images,
line stamps, configuration sets, and error condition detection. Two types of
shading correction (PRNU and DSNU correction) will let users correct for
image variations that may result from optics, lighting, or sensor performance.
The more homogeneous behavior provided by shading correction can be a
major advantage for many vision applications. Also worth mentioning is a
time delayed Line Sum feature that can double the camera’s sensitivity and
increase the SNR by up to 3 dB. This is achieved by using the two lines in
the sensor to scan each area on the object twice and then combining the
collected information.

In the third quarter of 2008, the Basler sprint series will be extended even
further. Monochrome cameras with a resolution of 8k and color versions in all
standard resolutions will be introduced.

Basler Components designs and manufactures digital cameras for industrial, medical, and
traffic system applications, and also for the video surveillance market. Products include color
and monochrome line scan, area scan, and intelligent cameras as well as innovative and
flexible IP cameras. Basler has more than 20 years of experience in image processing. We
have designed and manufactured high quality digital cameras for over 10 years. Product
designs are driven by industry requirements and offer easy interfacing, compact size, and a
strong price/performance ratio.
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