Standard Response Letter for Restriction - DOC by ammaalder


									PP-22 Attachment B
Rev. 2/15/06

                              Standard Response Letter for Restriction

Address: _____________

Dear _________

UW Medicine has received your (written, telephone) request for limiting access to your medical records. UW
Medicine requires your written authorization to disclose your protected health information, except as allowed by
RCW 70.02 and HIPAA privacy regulations. I felt it would be good to share some information with you and
assure you we treat your records confidentially.

While UW Medicine understands the desire of some patients to limit use and access to their medical records,
the Medical Center must allow its health care providers to be able to consider the entire medical record, as
necessary and pertinent to treatment. The Medical Center treats patient information as confidential in every
context, and takes great effort to protect the security of your health care records. However, because the
Medical Center must allow health care providers to access records for health care, the Medical Center does not
routinely restrict, delete or otherwise make information inaccessible to our providers.

To help you understand how the Medical Center uses patient information, you should know that the law allows
the Medical Center to share information without patient authorization in a number of instances. For example,
the Medical Center may lawfully share information among Medical Center staff who are assisting in your care.
Also, the Medical Center may use patient information for administrative purposes such as billing.

There are other circumstances where the Medical Center can use or disclose information without patient
authorization. However, the Medical Center staff treats patient information as confidential even when access is
appropriate, and takes steps to limit any unauthorized redisclosure or inappropriate sharing of information. Staff
are aware that access is limited to authorized purposes, and the Medical Center conducts random and regular
audits to review whether users are authorized to access patient information.

The Medical Center recognizes that in some cases a restriction is appropriate. To grant a request for restriction
of access, the Medical Center must determine that the need for limited access outweighs the risks of limiting use
of the information by health care providers who may need to review the information to provide health care

When possible, UW Medicine has placed a security alert on your electronic medical record. However, after
reviewing your request we would advise you we cannot limit authorized and lawful access to your records.

However, again it is important for you to understand UW Medicine must comply with all legally appropriate
needs for use and release of information. Beyond this a patient’s authorization is required.

We hope you are reassured by the information provided.


Privacy Official
Seattle WA

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