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Geomatics UK Ltd is a land surveying specialist in Britain providing accurate electrical & mechanical surveys based on latest technology to ensure residential, industrial & commercial buildings increased profitability & reduced maintenance cost.

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									                                         Mechanical Surveys

The mechanical surveys have become common for transportation, automotive, energy & aerospace industries.
Mechanical engineers rely on these surveys to identify & solve the sustainable design problems in the production
sector. The mechanical surveys are mainly recommended for finding out machinery faults of bearing wear or
gearbox that affect the durability & increase the occurrence of catastrophic failures. But in time mechanical
surveys will help keep at bay such instances.

Many land surveying companies are offering a wide range of services to help the AEC industry cope with the rising
surveying demands. Those associated with the AEC industry in one way or other are certainly going to find
support with Geomet-surveys. We are an established company in UK dedicated to fulfill the client’s varied
surveying needs. Our team of surveyors have working expertise in all areas of surveying including boundary
surveys, building surveys, mechanical surveys, architectural surveys, GIS surveys, topographic surveys & aerial

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