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   A.P.C.M. 14TH APRIL 2008




Fabric Report

         Unfortunately we have had four incidents in recent months involving vandalism and
illegal entrance to the locked Vicar’s vestry. This has resulted in the loss of petty cash, keys,
a keyboard, the tea urn, 6 bottles of wine and Order of Service books. Damage was also
caused to the cupboard housing the sound equipment. All incidents have been reported to the
police. As a result, locks and keys have had to be changed and the cupboard door mended.
Thanks go to Brian Briggs and Ken Lawton for undertaking this work. We are at the moment
in the process of buying replacements for the stolen goods, the cost of which will be claimed
from our Insurers.
Ken Lawton has also replaced our two notice boards outside as the wood on these had rotted.
He has also made us a new and bigger board inside.
         New bell ropes have been purchased during the year.
         In the churchyard where we have found gravestones are becoming wobbly and
potentially dangerous, a few have been laid flat and every attempt is being made to contact
families concerned. The new P.C.C. will be forming a Churchyard Committee to look into
ongoing procedures. This committee will also be planning for a new Garden of
Remembrance, as the present one is almost full.
         The painting of the external gates and railings, which was done by William Sapcote &
Sons some months ago, was deemed unsatisfactory by our architect, Mark Balkham of
Rodney Melville & Partners. I understand further work was done, but following this we were
advised that Sapcotes went into Administration last October and that we were to withhold
payment. We were also advised that a further inspection of the gates would be done and that
we would be informed of the outcome. As we have not heard anything, I wrote to Mark
Balkham last month for an update. I am still awaiting a reply.
         The Scots Pine tree just outside the church has become dangerous and as we now have
permission for it to come down, this will happen shortly.
         A couple of undertakers have raised the problem of the tight turn round the corner of
the pews. This causes a lack of space for manoeuvring coffins, which can be a problem. We
may have to give more thought to this in the future.
         Two new brass plaques for the Churchwarden’s Pews have kindly been paid for and
fitted to the pews by Brian Briggs. Thank you Brian.
         Finally, thank you to everyone who plays a part in looking after our lovely church, the
churchyard workers, the cleaners of the brass and the church itself and to Ken and Brian for
their valuable contribution.

Barbara North ~ Churchwarden

Deanery Synod Report

        The Synod met six times at six different church centres during the year. Amongst
numerous items discussed the following three stood out as having immediate repercussions
for St. Mary’s Church Cubbington.
Deanery Plan
        The plan, as drawn up by the Reverend Morris Rodham, Rural Dean, was discussed at
length at each meeting and agreed upon. The major thrusts were Mission, Vision, Strategy
and Targets.
Parish Share
        The responsibility for deciding the contribution required from each parish has now
transferred from Diocesan to Deanery. A sub committee of parish treasurers had to agree how
the £650,000 asked for from the Deanery by the Diocese had to be found. A figure of
£55,000 was agreed as appropriate for St. Mary’s Church Cubbington as its share for 2008.

Deanery Clergy Staffing
        The Diocese, having decided that the Leamington half of the Deanery was to lose one
full time priest by 2008 and the Warwick half the same by 2010, asked the Deanery to decide
where the loss was to fall in Leamington. New full time appointments were to be made at the
vacant livings at St. Mark’s New Milverton and St. Mary Magdalene, Lillington. A motion
was put forward that there could be no full time priest for Cubbington. The Archdeacon
stated that this was Bishop Colin’s view. Two Cubbington representatives spoke in favour of
this motion and one against – these were personal and not P.C.C. views. The motion was
carried by nineteen votes to five.
        More recently, Jean Gaskin and Elaine Golder have resigned as St. Mary’s PCC
representatives at Synod after many years of devoted service. Dennis Rose agreed to join Alec
Coutts after a recent PCC resolution.

Alec Coutts ~ Deanery Synod Representative

Incumbent’s Report

        First I should like to thank everyone at St Mary’s for the wonderful Licensing Service
in January and the warm welcome you have given me in my first few weeks as your Priest-in-
        I understand that the past year during the interregnum has been difficult in many ways
and thanks are due to the many clergy and Readers who have taken services and given support
in other ways. Thanks must especially go to Barbara North, who has been sole Churchwarden
for much of the year and has coped admirably with all that that role entailed.
        Ken Lindop was a gifted and special priest to this community for 27 years and is a
hard act to follow! It is a privilege to follow him into the leadership of the St Mary’s church
family. You are a thriving and caring community of believers, extremely well-organised to
cover all areas of church life and I am already uncovering all manner of ministry to the
community undertaken by so many of you, often quietly and unnoticed.
My working pattern
        You will all know that I am half time and not living in the parish. There is an ongoing
search for the right place to be an office base but in the meantime it is good to be able to make
use of the church as much as possible and I am helped by the provision of a parish mobile
phone, funded at present by the diocese from the budget for administration met by the rental
from the vicarage.
        The pattern for my week seems to be settling into offering Sundays plus five or six
sessions in the week. Generally I will be in the parish or on parish business Monday to
Wednesday, but flexible about shifting sessions to Thursdays or Saturdays to cover weddings
and funerals. It should be noted however that if I were to take every funeral and wedding I
would have time for little else. Fridays will be a protected day off.
The priority in my ministry amongst you all is to help you to live out the Christian life to the
full, both individually and as a church community.
        The Parish Profile identified the three main areas of church life to be:
                 Worship, Making disciples, and Transforming Communities.
        There is always anxiety about change in a traditional parish such as St Mary’s. It is
my intention by and large to observe the usual pattern of worship through the year and then
reassess with the new worship committee of the P.C.C. to see if any improvements are
needed. We are all growing and learning together and just as every aspect of our lives
changes subtly over time, so we should expect our worship to evolve, with care and
sensitivity, to ensure it remains fresh and inspiring. It is a living God we worship, and our
worship above all should be alive and meaningful.

        We are in the process of forming a worship leading team, which will include Readers
from local churches who feel able to lead services regularly at St Mary’s, and they will take
some funerals. We also hope to encourage members of the congregation to explore worship
ministry and gain experience of leading and preaching, to the benefit of us all.
Making disciples
        We have a privileged position in the Church of England in being the first point of
contact for many in the community when they want a wedding or funeral or when they need
help of any kind. We also have the Church School as a point of contact with village families.
It is my intention to help you to identify ways of using these contacts to enable a real meeting
with Christ for those who encounter us. Our own spiritual lives also need feeding and
enriching to lead us on to a deeper relationship with God.
        Committed discipleship and membership of the church will also involve generous
giving of time, talents and money. The new Stewardship committee will be exploring ways to
encourage the wholehearted commitment of every member.
Transforming Communities
        This year is Hope 08, a national initiative to bring the Christian gospel of hope to each
and every person in our communities. Together with the other Christian churches in the area,
we will look at ways to reach out to those in greatest need in Cubbington to act out that
imperative from St Matthew’s gospel, to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, invite in the
stranger and visit the sick and imprisoned. As Jesus said, “whatever you do for the least of
these, you do it for me.” (Mt 25.40)
The way ahead
        As I have already said, there have been severe difficulties in the past year. The hurts
of the past for some will not be easily healed. The fresh start offered by the election of the
new P.C.C. and churchwardens is an opportunity to look ahead to the future. Let us take the
Easter message to heart, that from suffering and death come new life and new hope. We have
some difficult decisions and issues to face as a church community during the next year. In
particular we need to address issues of finance and the new church centre. Your new P.C.C.
and churchwardens need you all to pray for them and support them in the tasks ahead. And I
urge each one of you to take this opportunity to examine your own contribution to the life of
our church and if you feel called to offer time, talents or finance please make sure you have a
word with a churchwarden or myself soon.
        I look forward to the year to come as we work together to make St Mary’s live up to
that description on the Parish Profile cover: The Light on the Hill.

Rosemary Pantling ~ Priest-in-charge

P.C.C. Report

         Several changes have occurred to the membership of the P.C.C. during the year, as
Gwen and Gordon Scott have resigned and Andrew Brooks is no longer on the P.C.C., since
he no longer worships at our church. Judith Sharpe, Audrey Thornley and Ken Lawton
were all re-elected to the P.C.C., after completing three years’ service. The new members
who joined the PCC at last year’s A.P.C.M. are John Hammond, Snowdon Whitelock, Shirley
Rush and Dennis Rose. Judith Sharpe subsequently resigned from the PCC in May as a result
of ill health and Sheila Leng resigned from the PCC in August.
         Some members of the P.C.C. were adversely affected by the flooding in June and
several had to leave their own homes and live elsewhere for some months, which made
attending P.C.C. meetings difficult. Ann Lancaster has just moved back to her own home and
is looking forward to settling down in Cubbington again.
Brian Briggs stepped down as Churchwarden after six years. Ann Higham gave Brian a
voucher in recognition of all his hard work and thanked him for all his work“ behind the
scenes”. Barbara North was appointed as our new Churchwarden at the A.P.C.M., along with

Ann Higham, who was re-elected. Unfortunately in July, Ann Higham resigned as
Churchwarden; since she felt her position had been undermined by the various problems that
arose after the A.P.C.M. We thank Ann for all her hard work
        The P.C.C. has had a busy year, particularly since we have been in interregnum, which
has entailed more work for many people. We are indebted to the many clergy and Readers
who have led our services and especially to Tony Gardner and Stephen Knight. We also thank
Gareth Astell, who has led various services, including Good Friday evening and a service of
        A group from the P.C.C. worked hard in a short time frame to produce the Parish
Profile and the themes of Worship, Making Disciples and Transforming Communities, which
we identified as being vital to our growth and development, have been included in several of
our P.C.C. Meetings. The same group of people also helped to produce Rosemary’s
Licensing Service. We believe that Rosemary is already proving to be a great asset to our
church and also to the local community.
        The P.C.C. are indebted to our Churchwarden, Barbara North, for the way in which
she has worked this year, managing to do the work of two people, in very difficult
circumstances. Barbara has shown a high level of dedication and commitment to her role.
         We look forward to another year of working and worshipping together and seeking
God’s guidance for the future life and ministry of our church under the leadership of our new

Stephanie Holman ~ PCC Secretary

St. Mary’s Church Choir Report

        In April 2007, the choir had a spring lunch at the Stoneleigh Deer Park Golf Club,
where many of them were baffled by a quiz of Easter related anagrams. Douglas Pharaoh
attended the lunch as a guest and was presented with a voucher from the choir, to show our
gratitude for his ministry. Douglas hopes to continue to worship with us from time to time and
to participate in choir events.
        At the end of April, the choir held a Spring Fayre in the village hall, to raise money for
church funds. This was a successful event, which included some new stalls and attractions and
at which we raised £526 for church funds.
        On 23rd June, we had a choir outing to Worcester, which was attended by twenty-one
people, despite the fact that some people had been forced to drop out through illness or
because their homes had been devastated by the floods. The weather was kind to us and
everyone enjoyed exploring Worcester cathedral, to say nothing of spending money in the
shops in the town. There was only one shower of rain, which took place at lunchtime, when
most of us were indoors. We have decided that this will be our last choir outing, as several
members of the choir are no longer able to participate in a day out. This year, we intend to
have a summer lunch for the choir instead of an outing.
        We held a Gateau Afternoon in the village hall in September, to raise money for the
Church Organ Fund. This proved to be a popular event and we raised around £450.
        In the autumn, Clayton West, Leo’s younger brother, joined the choir. We are glad to
have another young person in our group and hope that Clayton will enjoy singing with us.
Clayton will only be in the choir on a part time basis, as he is also assisting in the sanctuary at
the Sunday Parish Communion service.
        In December, we participated in several carol services and also enjoyed a lovely
Christmas lunch together at Stoneleigh Deer Park Golf Club, which was attended by a large
number of people, including both Tony Gardner and Douglas Pharaoh.
        The whole choir sang at Rosemary’s Licensing Service in January and were glad to be
part of such an uplifting occasion.

       The choir thank Peter Jeffs for his continuing enthusiasm and dedication and look
forward to learning more new music this year.

Stephanie Holman ~ Choir Secretary

Ladies Fellowship Report

        On Monday 7th January 2008 the Ladies Fellowship met in the Octagon at Lillington
at the beginning of their 14th year of Fellowship. Amid animated conversation and much
laughter members old and new came together and visitors from the Union of Catholic
Mothers of St. Peter’s Leamington Spa were welcomed. Party fare was consumed, party
quizzes were played and a beetle drive took place. At the close of the meeting the evening
was deemed to have been great!
        At our February meeting, our speaker was unfortunately unwell and not able to attend,
but members came to the rescue. A quiz was organised and some members brought poems of
a light-hearted nature and read them to us. There was an opportunity to discuss options for
further meetings and Christmas meal venues. The leader asked the members to listen to a
prayer by which she wanted to live. Many members asked if the Ladies Fellowship could
adopt it as their prayer for 2008 and this was agreed unanimously.
        The March meeting “I’m not just a pretty face” was led by visitors Margaret
Pierozynski and Joy Redman, who brought examples of their own interests and skills,
including greetings cards, counted cross stitch pictures, jewellery, embroidery and design,
knitwear and dolls clothes. What an array of talent! The evening flew by and members were
engrossed in appreciation of each other’s skills, talking, questioning and admiring. “When
can we have another?” was the question on peoples’ lips as we went home.
        Meetings for the rest of the year will include a return visit from wildlife photographer
Peter Preece, and a sing-a-long with Douglas Pharaoh, accompanied by Peter Jeffs. We will
have the opportunity to read and discuss the works of George Eliot, Warwickshire’s best-
known female author. We shall take a virtual tour to Canada and the Great Lakes. We shall
take a look at the contents of Granny’s Workbox and learn a new crafting technique and enjoy
an early celebration of Advent and Christmas with Welsh Road Warblers. Our annual
Christmas dinner will be the culmination of our activities for 2008.
        Shirley Rush, our leader in 2007, brought so many gifts and ideas to stimulate the
members that she is a very hard act to follow. However, with Sue Simmons as my assistant
leader and treasurer and with the friendship and support of the members I shall endeavour to
maintain the high standards set by previous leaders and hand on a flourishing Ladies
Fellowship to the next leader, Sue Simmons.

Anne Lancaster ~ Leader Ladies Fellowship

Mothers’ Union Report

        We ended the year with our AGM, where Lorraine Smith, Joan Clark, Audrey Pelham
and Doreen Blackmore were re-elected.
        Our year started with our Carol Service in church, followed in January with our annual
party, where we were once again entertained by the children from Cubbington C of E Primary
School. It was not the choir on this occasion, but two classes, who entertained us brilliantly.
        February’s meeting was cancelled at the last minute due to the weather and John
Rouse from Wright Hassall came to talk to us in June instead on Wills and Probate.
Among the talks we had for the year were “Famous Women”, “Being a Lady Pilot”, “Hymn
Writers and their Stories” and “The Happy Kit”. In May we were entertained by Lillington
Ladies Choir and after some scouting around for a keyboard the meeting started on time.

       In June a lot of our members were affected by the flooding in the village, but they still
managed to attend most meetings.
       Our fund raising took place in July, the proceeds being divided between Mothers’
Union’s Literary Programme Relief Fund and Mothers’ Union worldwide. Our fund raising
event this year takes place on Thursday 10th July in the Village Hall and all are welcome.
       We continue to support the Warwickshire Women’s Refuge with “Welcome Packs”,
the Edward Bear Club and Tuesday Bears. We also provide a booklet called “Lifelong to
God” to children baptised into our church family.
       Sadly we said good-bye to Jean Thorpe and Joyce Beckett. Both will be sadly missed.
       All are welcome to come to our meetings (you can come as a visitor), to listen to the
talk, meet people over a cup of tea and a biscuit, perhaps win a raffle prize or buy from our
bring and buy stall.

Ann Higham ~ Mothers’ Union Enrolling Member

Churchyard Workers Report

        We shall start with a huge thank you to all our loyal helpers, who mow, trim and
garden throughout the year on a Monday, regardless of the weather. The 2007 Coffee
Morning was a success. Again we are grateful to Mr & Mrs Attado; we have used their
garden and kitchen for so many years. The Coffee Morning this year will be on Saturday
May 10th at the same venue. Please support us. Our grateful thanks go to Ken Lawton and
George Butteridge for servicing the mowers and strimmers this year. As money is short, this
has been a big saving. We only had to pay for parts, labour was free; thank you both.
        The gardeners enjoyed a lunch at The Kings Head in January, a good social occasion.
We thank Gill Wyatt for organising it.
        Sad to say, the tall yew tree by the church has been condemned as unsafe. It will
shortly be removed.
        Another costly item is the state of the churchyard paths. When there are funerals, we
are concerned about safety.
        The volunteers continue to do their best to keep the churchyard up to standard.

John & Audrey Thornley

Rainbow Time Report

        Rainbow Time is for children aged between five and eleven, regardless of their faith
or ability.
        This year the theme was “Pyramid Rock”, which was based on the story of Joseph.
Thirty-three children enjoyed the four days of activities, which included short episodes of the
story using the DVD, songs, crafts, games, exercises and flower arranging, to represent
Joseph’s coloured coat. As usual, the children gave a short presentation to their families and
friends on the Thursday evening. Refreshments were served after the “show”, giving
everyone time to meet and talk together.
        It is good to see the children each year, many who have joined us for several years,
including the five teenagers who come as helpers. A big “thank you” to all who helped during
the week in August and an even bigger one to all who planned such an interesting
programme. We have a strong team, who have worked together for eight years.

Jill Coutts ~ Rainbow Time Coordinator

Sunday School Report

        The Sunday School meets in the day school at 9.30 a.m. every Sunday, except the first
Sunday of the month, when we have a Children’s Service in church at 11.00 a.m.
        It is nice to see so many young families attending, not forgetting grandparents and
friends. On Mothering Sunday, Easter Day and Harvest Festival the children join in the 9.30
a.m. service. On Easter Day hens’ eggs are brought and afterwards taken to Myton Hospice.
        Our Prize Giving took place on November 28th, with the Reverend Canon Neil Dodds
presenting the prizes. He asked the children to look around the church and see how many
crosses they could find. It is amazing how many there are. In July, when we finish for the
summer break, we have a little party or a picnic, weather permitting.
        Any child age 3 or over would be most welcome in our Sunday School.
A special welcome to our new vicar, Rosemary. She is getting to know the children and their
        In conclusion I would like to thank Sandra and Nicola for their loyal support over the
past year.

Betty Taylor ~ Sunday School Superintendent

Tuesday Bears Report

         Since this club was started in 2003, when the first intake of the M.U. Edward Bear
Club members reached school age and we realised there was nothing similar available for
them to move on to, membership has been fairly steady at 10 to 15 primary school aged
children. As has been the case since the beginning, we are still losing members when they
reach the age of approximately 9 years, when inevitably considering our limited resources,
other out of school organisations that are able to offer greater excitement and scope for
activities, take preference over our church club in the eyes of the children. We have come to
accept this fact but believe that as long as we are here to offer Christian teaching to the young
and to pray for them, it is not entirely up to us how many members attend, but it is in God’s
         My intention is not that this report should be merely a résumé of last year’s activities
but to give each reader an idea of our plans for the future, so that they may by personal
contact and prayer, encourage more young people who are unable to attend Sunday School on
Sunday mornings to come to Tuesday Bears and receive through fun activities and Christian
teaching, a grounding in the Christian faith.
         Debbie Bradley, the parent of a member, has helped me since the beginning and
continues to support the club in many ways, not the least of which is to manage our meagre
financial resources and make our money stretch amazingly. Sandra Jackson continues to
help, mainly with the refreshments and craft activities. This year Anne Lancaster has joined
us, a great asset to us all, as she is an M.U. & P.C.C. member and a retired teacher, a real
answer to my prayers, as we urgently needed additional help with the older children in
         At the beginning of the meeting the children have refreshments and then move on to
the meeting with an opening prayer made up by themselves, singing, story, activity craft or
whatever else we can manage to do with exuberant children in the confines of a Norman
         Each meeting has a theme, relating if the date is appropriate, to the church’s calendar,
or to whichever theme we have decided on for that year. In 2007 we centred on the Saint’s
days that fell near their meeting days.
         This year we will be “Getting to know our church”. I have already booked Ken and
Audrey Lawton to explain the bells and possibly take the children up the tower. Peter Jeffs
will come to explain how the organ works and play to the children, who will hopefully do
some singing. Rosemary has already paid us a welcome visit and talked to the members
about the Sacrament of Holy Communion, shown the children the church Communion silver,

and explained to them the Sacrament of Holy Communion and what each piece of silver is
used for. From where they sit in the nave, they cannot see what is going on in the Sanctuary,
so they were “getting to know” at this meeting. Rosemary welcomed this opportunity to get to
know the members while answering their many questions, which are not always easy to
        In April the mother of three previous members, a special needs teacher, will do a
“Music Session” at our meeting. She brings many and varied instruments and the children
have great fun playing them.
        At the last meeting in July we will have a “food related Bible story” and then a picnic
in the churchyard.
        At the last meeting before Christmas we will enact the Christmas story with our
cardboard model, sing carols and have a party tea in the church, to which we invite the
members’ school teachers, M.U. leaders, younger siblings etc. We tend to keep this meeting
in the same format each year, as we are all so busy just before Christmas.
        The team have many ideas for the rest of the year’s meetings, but are still working on
        Please keep our leaders and the young people of this parish in your prayers. Thank

Kath Johnson ~ Leader Tuesday Bears

Edward Bear Club Report

        During 2007, seven children left Edward Bear; four went to nursery and three to
school, which left only three children attending. I had two knee operations and finally a
broken wrist, so there have been only two meetings since the end of May. Debbie Bradley
kindly took meetings in April and May.
        At Christmas, all ten children received a book of Bible stories, thanks to a generous
donation from the Mothers’ Union.
        The good news is that on April 15th we are starting up again. Two more children may
join and we hope for many more, who will come to enjoy stories, songs, shaking instruments
and learning about Jesus.

Joan Clark ~ Leader Edward Bear Club

St. Mary’s Bell Ringers Report

        We continue to ring with our usual enthusiasm, led by our Tower Captain, John
Fisher. During the year we rang for 18 weddings and we usually have a full team prior to
Sunday morning Parish Communion.
        Also during the year we fitted new bell ropes as the old ones had become very frayed.
We were joined by nine-year-old Tim Hammond, who was very keen to learn and has gone
from strength to strength, now ringing for weddings and also on Sunday mornings. John
Vickers also joined us after chatting to ringers at the Coffee Morning and is doing very well
and enjoying ringing. We have another junior, Alice Lord, who attends practices regularly.
Two older ladies, Alice Brown and Jean Bates, have been “learning the ropes” too and are
doing very well.
        We have welcomed visiting ringers from Suffolk and the Coventry Youth Ringers.
        We rang prior to Rosemary’s Licensing Service and were joined by Jean and Roy
Drew, ringers from St. Chad’s, Bishops Tachbrook. They also join us regularly on Tuesday
practice nights.
        We look forward to another full ringing year.

Audrey Lawton ~ Tower Secretary

Foundation Governors’ Report

        We have had a busy 12 months at Cubbington School.
        In May 2007 we had an Ofsted Inspection. We were in the “good” category with
“outstanding” for personal development and well-being. We are pleased and congratulate
Denise, her staff and the children for all their good work at our school.
        In June 2007 we had the R.E. and Collective Worship Inspection. As Ken was no
longer our vicar, Theresa and I were present at the interview. Again we had a “good” report
and the school was praised for its “very positive Christian ethos” and its “inclusive ethos and
good care and support given to all pupils”.
        We were delighted to welcome Rosemary, our new vicar, to her first governors’
meeting in March. She also visited the school in February and we hope she will enjoy coming
into school to lead us in worship.
        The parents prayer group meet regularly and have taken school assemblies. Moira
Dickson, an ex-head who works for the Christian charity Agape, has also led some assemblies
and staff and children enjoy their visits.
        The school went to church for their Harvest Festival services during September and
took their gifts. The children were pleased to receive many cards and letters from the church
community thanking them for their gifts.
        Our concerts at Christmas were much appreciated by all. Key Stage 1 performed
“Mary’s Knitting” and Key Stage 2 a Christmas Carol Concert, with actions linking the
whole. There was also a Christmas sing-a-long to round off the term. Denise, our head, and
two children, also took part in the Parish Carol Service in December. During February the
Puppet Ministry came into school. The children really enjoyed their visit, the theme of which
was anti-bullying.
        As with many people in the village who were flooded, the P.T.A. lost many items that
were needed for the Summer Fair, so this event was cancelled. However in usual P.T.A. spirit
other events were organised and the Christmas Fair and a Quiz Night went ahead. They were
able to have the Adventure Playground refurbished and we thank them for all their hard work
for the children of our school.
        Juliet Jones (Year 6) gave birth to a boy in January and in July the school said
goodbye to Sue Williams, who had taught at the school for more than twenty years. She has
been into school to see us and she looks well.
        Year 6 class went to Colomendy for their residential visit this year and enjoyed their
time there.
        Governors have been into school to visit and observe. We have visited the school to
look at the environment inside and outside. We have observed R.E. in Year 2 and Year 5 and
as suggested by the Diocesan Inspection as our only area of development, we have spoken to
small groups about assemblies, worship and R.E. Again we have been inspired by their
responses and attitudes to school and each other.
        The School Council continues to flourish. They are always thinking about school,
managing their budget and raising money to benefit others, their chosen charity being the
        As part of being Foundation Governors we regularly attend Diocesan courses. In
October 2007, Denise, our head, Theresa and I went to Ardencote to hear Sister Frances
Dominica talk about Helen House, the first children’s Hospice, which she helped to set up in
1982. It was uplifting to hear of her experiences working with young people. We also took
part in workshops during the afternoon.
        The swimming pool was closed in April 2007 because of new legislation regarding
Health and Safety. Governors have discussed at great length various options, consulted with
the Local Authority and other schools to decide what our course of action should be. Our

options will be shared with the parents and wider community when finalised. Meanwhile the
older children are using the pool at Newbold Comyn and are enjoying the experience of
swimming in a deeper pool.

Gill Hillyard & Theresa Saul

Flower Guild

         We are fortunate in having a very dedicated team of ladies. Anyone wishing to join us
would be most welcome (gentlemen make good flower arrangers as well.) Our team decorate
the church for major festivals i.e. Easter, Harvest and Christmas and weddings, also altar and
table arrangements throughout the year. These involve the working out of quantities of
flowers, ordering and organising enough people to do the work and also supplying greenery
(usually from their own gardens.)
         The biggest concern as always is the expense of flowers. We have only one
wholesaler based in Coventry, who is prepared to deliver for festivals and weddings. When
only altar flowers are required, whoever is doing those arrangements shop locally, fortunately
this is always done with good grace.
         This last year has been very successful, with the usual festivals, a number of weddings
and altar and table decorations.
         We welcomed our new vicar this year, doing a few small arrangements for that day.
         The flower-arranging group also do demonstrations in aid of charity, in collaboration
with other organisations in the parish.

Pam Lewis – Flower Guild Coordinator


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