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					               Orientation Letter For CD 1 Fall 2007

Child Development 1, Growth and Development

Faculty: Elmida Baghdaserians, M.A.

Associate Professor, Child Development

Los Angeles Valley College, baghdaes@lavc.edu

Welcome to CD 1 on-line. I look forward to teaching this class. This
will be my fourth semester teaching on-line, therefore I feel more
comfortable in facilitating this course and providing you with as much
support as possible. Please know that I would like to do what I can
to make this a great learning experience for you, so please be patient
and keep up with due dates. I do want to take this opportunity to
apologize for miscommunication or difficulties that you might
experience as we all adjust to this new system of learning on-line.

What to Expect!

Course Description: This course is designed to explore current
theories on child development from pre-birth through adolescence. A
developmental approach is used to explore the process of typical

Course Objective:
1.) To identify the developmental domains in young children.
2.) To differentiate between the various child development theorists
and their theories.
3.) To evaluate the environmental and psycho-social events that
influence development.
4.) To identify developmental stages for infants & toddlers,
preschoolers, school-age children and adolescents.

Required Textbook: K.S. Berger: The Developing Person, Through
Childhood and Adolescence 7 th Edition. Worth, Publishing.
Additional resource: Exploring Child Development, A Tool Kit for
Understanding Development
Please be sure to purchase your book before the course begins, as
you will have activities and assignments to complete as early as the
first week of class. Remember this course will meet entirely on-line
and not in traditional classroom setting. There are great advantages
to taking an on-line course such as saving gas, avoiding traffic and
organizing your own time and fitting the course into your own
schedule. There is not a set time that you will need to be on-line, with
the exception of exam dates, when the exam will be available from
8:00 am to 11:59 pm on the day it is due.

This type of learning requires a great deal of discipline and
organization on your part. We will be working at the same pace in
this course as you do in a traditional class and you cannot make
up for incomplete work at the end of the course. You will be
required to complete assignments and participate in discussions on
the regular basis. You will need to log in to ETUDES-NG several
times a week to follow up with assignments and discussions. Class
participation is checked weekly. Make sure that you can commit
to this format.

You don’t need to be a computer genius to take an online class, but
you need to know the basics. You will be e-mailing, participating in
discussion, sending attachments, links, searching the web, etc.

Hope this orientation has been helpful. More information regarding
expectations and due dates will be posted when the course begins…

Looking forward to an exciting semester!

Please visit www.lavc.edu, go to the top right side click on On-line education.
click on student resources... and logging in info.

Hope this helps. see you in the on-line class..

let me know if you need more help..

ths is where you will log in once you have your username and password..


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