Letter of Informed Consent for Teachers in by ammaalder


									          Letter of Informed Consent for Classroom Teachers Being Coached in the
                           CT MSP Instructional Coaching Study

You are about to begin working with an instructional coach who is participating in an instructional
coaching academy funded with a Math and Science Partnership (“MSP”) grant from the
Connecticut State Department of Education (“CSDE”). Thank you for agreeing to help us gather
information about how coaching activities affect students’ abilities to do scientific inquiry. TERC, a
non-profit education research and development company in Cambridge, MA, is conducting this
evaluation study for CSDE. Karen Mutch-Jones and Judy Storeygard are leading the project
research study. Findings from the evaluation will help the State to improve the MSP instructional
coaching training program.

"Evaluation" often has a negative connotation, so we want to assure you that the purpose of this
research is to learn about the effectiveness of the MSP program. This is not an individual review of
you, your students, or your school/district.

Study Requirements
You will be asked to do the following for the study:
1) Read and then send home the parent/guardian information letter that describes the study.
   Because we will only collect classroom work and all student data will be anonymous, parents do
   not need to sign a formal consent letter.
2) Complete a brief demographic information sheet to provide us with data (e.g., the number of
   years you have been teaching) that we need for analysis. You will include a classroom ID
   number on the sheet (your coach will give this to you). Please do not write your name on this
3) Work with your MSP coach as you plan for and/or implement lessons related to a science
   embedded task.
4) Collect the student work from the second of the two embedded task experiments (a booklet of
   worksheets will be provided by your coach). Please be sure that students’ names are removed
   and that the classroom ID is on each booklet.

Use of Information/ Confidentiality
Only your MSP coach will know who is participating in this study and will keep all identifying
information confidential. The evaluators will know the names of teachers who consent to
participate but will not know the names of any students. All data from teacher information sheets
and student work will be provided anonymously, and we will report our findings in the aggregate
across all of the CT MSP science coaching projects. Reports or presentations will focus on the
impact of the MSP projects and will not contain any information that identifies individuals, schools,
or districts.
Voluntary Participation
Your participation in this study is voluntary. If you choose not to participate, or choose to end your
participation at any time, it will not affect your work with a coach in the CT MSP program or your
future relationship with the CT MSP program or TERC.

Whom to Call
If, at any time, you have questions about the student impact study, please contact Karen Mutch-
Jones or Judy Storeygard at TERC by phone (617-547-0430) or email (karen_mutch-
jones@terc.edu, judy_storeygard@terc.edu).

                                              Yours truly,

                                              Karen Mutch-Jones and Judy Storeygard
                                              CT MSP Evaluators

Consent to Participate
 Please check one of the boxes below, sign the form, and return it to your coach. We suggest that
 you keep a copy of this consent letter for your records.

        I have read and understood the Letter of Informed Consent for Teachers in
        CT MSP Study and would like to participate.

        I have read and understood the Letter of Informed Consent for Teachers in
        CT MSP Study and do NOT wish to participate.

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