#7 Thank You For Referral letter� by ammaalder

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									                      #7 Thank You For Referral letter…
Any time someone is nice enough to send you a referral, always be sure to thank them right
away. Your gratitude will be appreciated.

   Subject:      Thank you for the…

   Dear <Name>,

   I wanted to take a minute and personally thank you for the recent
   referrals you sent our way. You can be sure that we will treat them
   with the same attention and excellent service that you have come to
   expect from us.

   I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your referral.
   This is the primary way I market our business. Referrals are our
   life blood.

   Please accept this         <whatever your premium is> as a token of our

   And thanks again for taking the time to forward our name to one of
   your friends.

   Thank you!

   <your name>

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