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Races of the Week


Maffei With New York's having last gone for a Republican for President back in 1984 and the Empire State's U.S. House delegation down to two Republicans, just talking about a GOP candidate's unseating a Democratic U.S. representative there is bound to invite a response so familiar to New Yorkers: "Fuhgedabout it! " But defiant in the face of her party's flaccid posture in New York is Ann Marie Buerkle, who has decided to challenge freshman Democratic Rep. Dan Maffei in the 25th District (Syracuse). Denouncing Maffei (lifetime American Conservative Union rating: 0%) for what she calls "his down-the-line votes with Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi," the feisty challenger offers a fresh agenda as an alternative: reducing corporate taxes from 35% to 25% ("I'm not afraid of giving breaks to people who create real jobs"), permanently ending the estate and alternative minimum taxes, and "repealing the healthcare package my opponent helped enact and replacing it with real reform - that is, more portablility for private health insurance plans and tort reform."

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