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					                      FRIENDLY EDUCATION TO CHILDREN
                                By Moh. Aniq Kh.B., S.Pd.
                                    Wrapping around of university unsure in controlling the
                            national examination (general exam) for future is a swat toward
                            teachers‟ commitment of providing the nation children. The
                            teachers do not believe in participating as the main actors of
                            establishing the national examination. But actually the case is the
                            teachers‟ duty has an autonomous characteristic in managing the
                            class included giving exam to their students.
                                    The existence of national examination indicates
                            unbelieved feeling. Besides, looking about the exam is merely
                            not also trusted at present. This evidence is the education
paradox because the education is one of the ways of humanizing humans in order to have
living skills, life values, and life view.
         Life values can be honesty of intellectual, empathy, consideration, religiosity, etc.
The teachers should be trusted for managing education of the nation children thoroughly.
It is our obligation to repair it when they can not be trusted.
         The education paradox is seen from the phenomena of not having standard
formula showing one linier line which connects the utterance “those has increasingly
intellectuality, the creativity will also increase more and more and the morality as well”.
         There are some cases when the unadorned one knows that stealing is sin. Yet,
when his knowledge rises up even bachelor or working in one institution, the plain will
be lost ever after. For example, for just knowing how to multiply 2 and 2, he has to wait
the chief‟s realization order even for changing the receipt to corrupt later.
         Many people hope that education on the future must be able to serve all children
in every kind of customs and differences which focuses on optimizing the child‟s
potential completely. Adopted from UNESCO, there are 72.13 million children in the
world who do not study in primary school. From the amount above, there are among
others 27 million children in the Asia Pacific that 56.8% are women.

Parents’ attention
          The problem of children is not only suffered by the poor parents but also the
wealthy ones. But, the differences are in the side of their faces. The problem is the
trouble of conducting to prepare their children in order to be whole person (loan word
from orde baru period).
          The poor parents suffer the difficulty of defrayal while the wealthy ones get a
little attention to them. They are brought to servants, private teachers, and drivers so that
they are sank into rotation flow of information and wealth.
          Many rich parents are lashed in working so they put a little attention to them. It
says to be sympathy in a meeting between the school committee and the parents in the
favorite state school. The chief of school committee feels apprehensive because the
amount of the parents‟ presence is not too much. In addition, the others are represented
by their servants or their private drivers.
         It appears that the parents play in role as if they submit to one‟s fate (pasrah
bongkokan) precisely while the school is as tailor stand where they ask the models even
the school is requested to make the models. Some of them consider that school is
properly the actor to make a characteristic and behavior to their children. However, the
children are in the school in a few hour and the rests are in their homes.
         Sindhunata (2006) reported the amazing observation from the result of Arlie
Hochschild‟s research (2002) in the book of Keine Zeit meaning no time. Hochschild is a
female psychologist from United States who studied a research on 1990-1993 by
interchanging to the workers for being father or mother in family life permanently.
         In the study, she wanted to know whether they precisely succeeded to make
harmony between looking for salary and living happily together with their children or
not. In the result, the parents gripped because of not having time to nurture and
accompany them. It is treated as if living in modern life spends many times for working.
So, when they would like to serve their children, there is something obstructive. Serving
them causes a fuse.
         What the happenings on the future is nurturing them to conduct to the school
committee. If they are neither success to lay on their lives nor looked naughty, the school
committee is considerably blamed. The reasons are revealed that their parents take
working hard without any rest.
         School becomes the invisible place. The teachers keep students without any
limitation of psychological esthetic when instruction of the institution is frequently as
dictator that holds off the students‟ achievement and justifies them into the full
punishment. Therefore, it causes the anxiousness, scary, and bad treatment. All these
phenomena are called „Kurt Singer‟ as schwarzer pedagogic (black pedagogic)
(Sindhunata, 2006).
         The result of F. Wahono‟s study (2000) shows if only the basic need can not be
fulfilled by the poor society, the rich people will also face difficulty in bringing their
children up. For example, to bring their children to grow up, they ask for the servants or
baby sitters and defenselessly ask for some private teachers. It proves the evidence that
many rich people have also problems in getting time for their children. Consequently,
they must spend much for money to pay their servants, and private teachers even their
drivers as well.
         In the contrary of the rich people, many poor people face difficulties all around
both the internal environment and global environment. It‟s not only dedicated to their
problems of domestic peace in their home life, they must pay much for money to defray
the children needs such as school equipment, their pin money, and so on. It‟s so
         In general, it seems to be looked out when the poor and rich ones keep a fate to
the teacher in school education scope. It means that the teacher has one important role,
namely to make their children smart.

Teacher’s Attention
       Based on the description of phenomenon before that all parents keep a fate to
teachers, what should teachers do?
        The question is interesting to discuss and to revive payment for teachers‟
attentions. It seems to be complicated when one interval teachers do not only look for
salary, but in the other interval they must be reliable to educate their students.
        In the definition of key term „educate‟, some experts confirm us to make a deep
mind in defining the word „educate‟. Al-Zarnuji said in his great book Ta‟lim Al-
Muta‟allim that to educate children or students is almost the same as to nurture them
interested in knowledge, particularly in being excited ones. Furthermore, it is clearly
showed in the opening of UUD 1945 that one of the aims of nationality is to educate the
nation life. Thus, education has a same meaning as perspicacity. Knowing the education
maintains perspicacity, teachers must be able to hold the principle of handling it into the
existence. It means that teacher should bring students up to perspicacity and also serve
them sagaciously. But, it does not mean educating with rudeness just like military
        Ya, Serving them friendly is also the same as approach to perspicacity.

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Description: This article was written by Mohammad Aniq KHB. He stated that children have a certain perspicacity. They can not be castigated as adults work. Babies learn to walk by falling down. If you hit a baby everytime he halls down, he will never care much for walking.