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Upcoming Compliance and Governance Events
A list of upcoming GRC events compiled            ment, as well as covering conflict resolution     climate.
by Compliance Week Researcher Annie               and negotiation techniques, effective com-        Naples, FL
Moya follows. For registration informa-           munication approaches for audit and execu-        http://www.aba.com/
tion, additional details, and the full 2010       tive committee members, and techniques to
schedule, please go to www.compliance-            safeguard against fraud.                          Feb. 8
week.com and select “Industry Event Cal-          Orlando, FL                                       Webinar
endar” from the CW toolbar.                       http://www.misti.com/                             QUESTIONS ALL DIRECTORS SHOULD ASK ABOUT
                                                                                                    RISKS IN IT PROCESS AND STRATEGY
                                                  Jan. 26–27                                        This Webinar from the NACD explains to
     JANUARY                                      AMERICAN CONFERENCE INSTITUTE’S FCPA              directors what questions they should be ask-
                                                  BOOT CAMP                                         ing when the company makes changes to its
Jan. 8                                            ACI offers training on the Foreign Corrupt        people, processes, technology, products, key
MANAGEMENT’S RESPONSIBILITY                       Practices Act and strategies in anti-corrup-      relationships, or strategy, all of which create
FOR INTERNAL CONTROL                              tion implementation. Learn how developing         risk.
This one-day seminar is designed for govern-      effective anti-corruption training and poli-      https://secure.nacdonline.org/
ment accountants, auditors, section chiefs,       cies can help prevent FCPA violations.
directors, finance managers, attorneys, IT        Houston, TX                                       Feb. 8–9
professionals, and CPAs. Learn how agen-          http://www.americanconference.com/                FINANCIAL STATEMENT FRAUD
cies and public companies comply with the                                                           This ACFE course is designed for auditors,
Office of Management and Budget (OMB)             Jan. 31–Feb. 2                                    both internal and independent, to help them
A-123 and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act without          CORPORATE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT                  gain an understanding of financial statement
breaking the budget.                              CONFERENCE                                        fraud. It also offers detailed information
Arlington, VA                                     The 2010 Corporate Performance Manage-            on keeping financial statements accurate in
http://www.compliance-seminars.com/               ment Conference, offered by CFO magazine,         compliance with new legislation.
                                                  will focus on how companies can success-          Phoenix, AZ
Jan. 22                                           fully leverage data management and business       http://www.acfe.com/
PERFORMANCE, INTEGRITY AND RISK                   intelligence techniques for fact-based deci-
CONFERENCE                                        sion making.                                      Feb. 10
The Millstein Center for Corporate Gover-         New York, NY                                      KELLOGG PRIVATE EQUITY AND VENTURE
nance and Performance and the CFA Insti-          http://www.cfo.com/                               CAPITAL CONFERENCE
tute Centre for Financial Market Integrity                                                          The 2010 Kellogg Private Equity and Venture
bring you this one-day conference to exam-                                                          Capital Conference will focus on the theme
ine the connection between integrity and               FEBRUARY                                     Partnering Through Uncertainty: Unlocking
corporate culture on long-term value and                                                            Value in a Changing Landscape. The indus-
corporate performance, as well as assessing       Feb. 2                                            try has undergone a dramatic change in re-
integrity and ethics in investment risk and       ANNUAL AUDIT COMMITTEE ISSUES                     cent years, placing increased importance on
performance analyses.                             CONFERENCE                                        creating value outside of traditional financial
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