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									2010 CALENDAR                                                                                                CAREER MOVES
Apr. 14-16, 2010: RFID Journal Live 2010, Orlando, FL. Contact: RFID
Journal; 631-249-4960; www.rfidjournalevents.com/live.                                                     Third-Party Logistics Providers
                                                                                                              • Peter Knapp to president of International logistics ser-
Apr. 18-20, 2010: NPTC Annual Conference, Cincinnati. Contact:                                             vices, Jacobson Cos., Des Moines, IA.
National Private Truck Councils; 703-683-1300, ext. 223; www.nptc.org.
                                                                                                             • At DSW Distribution Centers Inc., Rancho Cucamonga,
Apr. 20-23, 2010: United Fresh 2010, Las Vegas. Contact: United Fresh                                      CA: Liz Penrose to vice president, administration; Janice
Produce Association; 202-303-3400; www.unitedfresh2010.org.                                                Bowman to vice president, operations and Bernice Montoya to
                                                                                                           customer service supervisor.
Apr. 24-29, 2010: 2010 IARW-WFLO Annual Convention & Expo,
Scottsdale, AZ. Contact: International Refrigerated Warehouse and World                                      • Jim Woolston-Smith to vice president of sales and Tony
Food Logistics Organization; 301-652-5674; www.iarw.org.                                                   McKinnon to director of business develop-
                                                                                                           ment, PTG Logistics, Cincinnati.
Apr. 26-29, 2010: NA 2010, Cleveland. Contact: Material Handling
Industry of America; 704-676-1190; www.nashow.com.                                                         Equipment/Service Providers
                                                                                                             • Alex Ramirez to director of engineering,
May 4-5, 2010: LogiCon 2010, Atlanta. Contact: Worldwide Business                                          Reddwerks Corp., Austin, TX.
Research; 646-200-7478; www.wbresearch.com/logiconusa.
                                                                                                             • Matthew Hirsch to vice president of                                        Ramirez
May 11-12, 2010: Food Technology, Innovation & Safety Forum,                                               sales, Primus Builders, Atlanta.
Chicago. Contact: Laura Cooper, laura.cooper@wtgevents.com;                                                  • David Mitchell to CEO, McLane
416-214-1144; www.fmi.org.
                                                                                                           Advanced Technologies (MAT),
                                                                                                           Temple, TX.
May 16-19, 2010: WERC Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA. Contact:
Warehouse and Education Resource Councils; 630-990-0001;
www.werc.org.                                                                                              Retailers/Wholesalers
                                                                                                            • Christopher A. Brown to president and                                        Hirsch
Jun. 6-8, 2010: The Logistics and Supply Chain Forum, Stone Mountain,                                      COO, Nash Finch Wholesale, Minneapolis.
GA. Contact: Richmond Events; 212-651-8700; www.logisticsforum.com.
                                                                                                             • Rusty Graber, Jim Marcil, Jay Ropietski and Kurt Schertle to
                                                                                                           senior vice presidents, Weis Markets, Sunbury, PA.
Jun. 8-9, 2010: Food Chain Summit, Scottsdale, AZ. Contact:
Chris Minto, chris.minto@nlsna.com; 416-366-0001 ext. 222;                                             
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