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									                      I in style I

                                                                      Ethics for everyone
                                                                      Ironically, by most people’s standards, I’m      totally dope”, I have called it a Declaration
                                                                      still young – I haven’t even had my first        of Professional Ethics. Think of it as an
                                                                      proctologist appointment yet – but the           exposure draft for a short, sharp SAICA
                                                                      genuinely eternal youth of students already      pronouncement on ethics, in everyday
                                                                      makes me feel old and – worse! – out of          language, with some minor swear words
                                                                      touch. For me, “the Hoff” is still Michael       for added effect. To make sure that it gets
                                                                      Knight, “Twitter” is a sound made by             more attention than the CPC (for example,
                                                                      birds, and “c u l8r” is an indication that the   every CA(SA) reads it just once), perhaps
                                                                      cellphone network is malfunctioning.             we can get it set to music and, on the night

                                                                           EThICS IS ABOuT ThREE VERy PERSONAl,
                                                                           ExCITING ANd fuNdAMENTAl quESTIONS –
                                                                           WhO WE ARE, hOW WE RElATE TO OThERS,
                                                                           ANd WhAT WE ChOOSE TO STRIVE fOR

                                                                      But nothing makes me feel so out of              that FQE results are released, it can be
34                                                                    touch as when I give the Accounting              sung in chorus by everyone that passes.
                                                                      Ethics lecture on the Code of Professional       On second thoughts, maybe people can
                                                                      Conduct (CPC). I mean, these are people          just join the Facebook group.
                                                                      who manage to share their whole lives
                                                                      in tweets of 140 characters or less, and         Declaration of professional ethics
                                                                      I’m expecting them to become intimately          All CAs(SA) have studied for ages, and
                                                                      familiar with a document of 76 pages!            passed the FQE, which is bloody hard, so we
                                                                                                                       know that they have the skill-set to do loads
                                                                      Now, perhaps you are thinking that
                                                                                                                       of complicated things in the accounting /
                                                                      accounting students have to be able to
                                                                                                                       tax/auditing space. Awesome! The thing is,
                                                                      read long documents – after all, GAAP
                                                                                                                       skills are only half the deal. CAs(SA) have
                                                                      standards aren’t exactly renowned for
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                                                                                                                       jobs that involve other people trusting them.
                                                                      their brevity – but ethics is different from,    Sometimes, hugely. You could even say that
                                                                      say, accounting for the Effects of Changes       the whole f
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