There is a virus in your pocket: mobile viruses by ProQuest


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                    There is a virus
                   in your pocket:
                                                     mobile viruses

30   T   oday, cellphone viruses are not
         regarded as a big deal. But if you think
     your phone will always be safe... think
                                                          AlThOuGh ThERE IS A REAl dANGER,
     again. You might be carrying a virus around          fEW VIRuSES hAVE SPREAd SuCCESSfully
     in your pocket.
                                                          BECAuSE INfECTING A PhONE IS NOT EASy.
     A professor made the comment, during                 ThERE IS A lACK Of PROGRAMMERS WITh
     one of his lectures, that technology has
     changed to such an extent that a couple of           SuffICIENT KNOWlEdGE Of ThE OPERATING
     years ago we would buy a cellphone with
     added features as a bonus. Today, we buy             SySTEMS dRIVING CEllPhONES TO WRITE
     the features with the phone capabilities
     being the added-extra. Today’s cellphones
                                                          EffECTIVE MAlWARE.
     are effectively mobile computers that can
     be used to communicate. Cellphones are
     becoming a popular avenue for attack            interest or if you want to know more, run
     because of widespread use and because           a Google search or visit your handset
     they are more connected to the outside          provider’s website.
     world than computers (PCs). Cellphone
     users want to communicate while viruses         This article uses the word ‘virus’ as a
     want to be communicated.                        general term for ‘malicious software’
                                                     (better known as ‘Malware’). Malicious
     This is a two-part article which provides       software encompasses various techniques
     an overview of mobile viruses. The article      used by hackers, also known as
                                                                                                     desktops much more attractive targets.
     aims to create awareness and highlights         ‘Phreakers’, to obtain unauthorised access
                                                                                                     This has changed, with the number of
     some potential implications. Part One           to a cellphone and its data. These include
                                                                                                     cellphone users globally multiplying
     discusses a couple of misconceptions and        worms, Trojan horses, and viruses.
                                                                                                     to an estimated two billion cellphone
     outlines the possible avenues of attack.
                                                                                                     users worldwide, thus increasing the
     Part Two focuses on the risks you might         Why the fuss?
                                                                                                     attractiveness of cellphones as targets.
     be exposed to daily and recommends              The number of mobile viruses increased
     possible tips to mitigate the risks. (To read   to approximately 450 different types of
                                                                                                     Although there is a real danger, few viruses
     the second part of this article please visit    malware during the first quarter of 2008
                                                                                                     have spread successfully because infecting                       (Lawton 2008). This growth paralleled
                                                                                                     a phone is not easy. There is a lack of
                                                     the growth pattern showed by computer
                                                                                                     programmers with sufficient knowledge of
     The purpose of these articles is to make        viruses af
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