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					                                                                                                                                     I in short I

                                                                         saica news

CA(SA) Chair for the Commonwealth AC

B    ruce Freer
     CA(SA) was
nominated for
                                              work together towards shared democratic
                                              and development goals. Member countries
                                              come from Africa (19, including South
                                                                                                     based on assessed contributions, as is the
                                                                                                     Commonwealth Youth Programme. The
                                                                                                     Commonwealth Fund for Technical Co-
membership                                    Africa), Asia (8), the Americas (2), the               operation (CFTC) is funded by voluntary
of the                                        Caribbean (12), Europe (3) and the South               contributions. For the 2008/2009 financial
Commonwealth                                  Pacific (10).                                          year, the Secretariat’s budget was 14.6 m
Secretariat Audit                                                                                    pounds sterling, the CFTC`s 28.3m pounds,
Committee (AC)                                The Commonwealth Secretariat (the                      and the CYP 2.7m pounds.
by the SAICA UK                               Secretariat ), based in London, has 12
                                                                                                     As Chairman, Mr Freer will need to
region, through                               divisions/units, which carry out programmes
                                                                                                     ensure that the AC fully carries out its
the South African                             of work based on mandates set by the
                                                                                                     responsibilities as set out in the AC`s
High Commission                               heads of government of member states. It               Terms of Reference. AC members are
and was elected                               does this by providing technical and policy            usually appointed for a period of three
Chairman at the                               development, assistance and advice. The                years, with a possible three year extension,
3 December 2009 AC meeting.                   Secretariat currently employs around 275 full-         providing certain requirements are met.
                                              time staff, drawn from about three quarters
The Commonwealth is a voluntary               of the member states. The Secretariat’s                SAICA congratulates Mr Freer on his
association of 54 countries that enables      work is financed by three separate budgets.            appointment and wishes him well over the
member states to support each other and       The budget of the Secretariat itself is                next few years. asa

2009 disciplinary notice – trainee accountants
                                               Offence                                               Finding
                                              Poor time-keeping/poor billing of time to clients      Reasonable explanation
                                              Constant late-coming/failure to complete               10 months cancellation penalty
                                              instructions                                           12 months added to contract
                                              Failure to record hours/not booking time to clients/   6 months cancellation penalty

I n terms of SAICA’s Training Regulations,    not recording overtime/constant late-coming            12 months added to contract
  depending on the circumstances under        Not serving full notice period                         3 months cancellation penalty
which a trainee’s contract is cancelled,                                                           6 months cancellation penalty
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