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									                                                • Paxton Access has added Gary Thorn-           and CEO of Automation and Control Solu-
Newsmakers In Brief:                            berg as National Distribution and OEM           tions. Since 2002, Rothman was president
• Frank Defina has rejoined the security         Manager and Steve Midkiff as Technical          of Honeywell Security & Communications. 
industry as senior vice president of sales at   Support Engineer. Thornberg has more than       • Former Silicon Valley CEO and NSA
Samsung Techwin Amer-                           23 years experience in the security industry,   deputy director William P. Crowell, along
ica. Defina says he will                         while Midkiff has 26 years experience work-     with consultant and former security exec-
develop and organize a se-                      ing in the security industry and has spent      utive Michael F. Snyder, have joined the
ries of sales initiatives and                   21 years with Sonitrol Corp. Additionally,      Advisory Board at Proximex.
partner programs for the                        Terry Carver has joined the company as          • Mike Baker has been
security group, including                       Regional Sales Manager for the Northeast        promoted to president of
integrator programs and                         U.S., and Tim McCarthy has joined as Sen-       Middle Atlantic Prod-
end-user sales initiatives Defina                ior Product Sales and A&E Manager.              ucts. Company founder
for their integrators, along                    • Bob Mosler has been                           Bob Schluter will contin-
with vendor partnership to ensure integra-      named National Sales                            ue as Chief Engineer and
tion of analog and IP products with other       Manager for infinias                             CEO. Baker has served as
vendors’ technology.                            LLC. Prior to joining                           Execut
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