Inside the Willis Tower with Director of Security Keith Kambic by ProQuest


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									                             NEWS MAKERS
                          Inside the Willis Tower with
                          Director of Security Keith Kambic
                          By Joel Griffin, assistant editor,

                or years, Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears         What are some of the unique challenges involved in manag-
                Tower), has stood as one of the world’s tallest and         ing security for a landmark building like Willis Tower?
                most well-known buildings. As such, security at the             I think not only unique, but one of the most fun challenges is
                landmark Chicago facility requires the best in secu-        dealing with all of our different businesses. So many people that
                rity personnel and technology.                              manage high-rises, that’s what they manage is a high-rise. Where
        For the past six years, Keith Kambic, who has more than 25 years    here in our building, we’re a lot different in that we are a high-rise
     experience in the security industry, has been charged with keeping     location, we have over 10,000 tenants and probably some of the
     the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere safe. Kambic, who       most prestigious firms in the city housed out of the building and
     previously served as director of security and life safety at the Aon   they have their own requirements with regards to access control
     Center in Chicago, was recently named “Security Professional of the    and customer service. But, at the same time, we have one of the
     Year,” by The Building Owners and Managers Association of Chicago.     top tourist attractions in the world at the top of the building with
        In this excerpt from the exclusive “At        the observation deck and that is a real unique and fun challenge
     the Frontline” interview, Kambic discusses the security initiatives    because you’re dealing with a whole different group of people,
     that he has enacted at Willis Tower and some of the challenges         who have a whole different level of expectations. That’s where
     that are involved in securing one of the world’s architectural mar-    my officers have to become customer service (representatives),
     vels. Read the full interview at     almost like greeters because people coming here aren’t necessar-
                                                                            ily familiar with Chicago and they have a lot of questions about the
                                                                            city and the building. With that comes photographing and being
                                                                            able to recognize between the different types of photographs.
                                                                                In addition to that, we run a world-class broadcasting service out
                                                                            of here, which is a 24-hour, 365 day-type of operation that is chal-
                                                                            lenging. Because on a daily basis, we may have 20,000 people enter
                                                                            the building, we have a whole host of retailers, shops, our own post
                                                                            office, and that has another set of security and life safety concerns
                                                                            with it. So I think if yo
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