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curiosity quest to go green


Rubber tires, motor oil, various metals, and, most importantly, aluminum, were necessary for industrial manufacturing during war time. Some of the topics that were covered in this episode were: a The differences between a dump and sanitary fill. b Why it is important to separate trash and recyclable products. c How gasses are captured and processed. classroom application Quest Letters Every episode of Curiosity Quest begins with the host reading questions from a viewer.

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									RESOURCES                         curiosity quest to go green

                                                                                                      by Jon Pieper
                                                                                                    and Todd R. Kelley
introduction                                  Another type of green technology that
                                              is not so new is the concept of recycling.     These episodes take a look at everything
One of the simplest ways to help Go           During the Second World War, efforts           from what we can do to help keep the
Green is to recycle. It can be as simple      were made in many communities and              earth clean to how things we recycle can
as encouraging students to place paper        cities to collect materials that could be      be turned into everyday products such as
into a classroom recycling bin that most      used for the war effort. Rubber tires,         clothing.
teachers have in their classrooms or as       motor oil, various metals, and, most
complex as teaching about the process         importantly, aluminum, were necessary          For example, the episode titled “Big
of the melting and reforming of glass         for industrial manufacturing during war        Toys” takes viewers to the Big Toys
bottles in a factory designed specifically    time. Although most individuals embrace        Green Playground Solutions factory. The
for that purpose. Although you may            this concept, Americans still waste            Big Toys Green Playground Solutions
understand why it is important to recycle     materials—just stop and consider all the       Company creates playground equipment
and teach your students the importance        materials thrown away after your next          for schools, parks, childcare centers,
of recycling, this resource will give you a   visit to a fast-food restaurant. Recent        and communities. Joel Greene visits
deeper understanding of what happens          efforts to Go Green have helped us take        Big Toys Green Playground Solutions to
to the plastic bottle after you put it into   our old, used products and turn them           highlight how things that may seem like
the recycling bin.                            into something new. A good example             trash are recycled to create playground
                                              of this can be found in Curiosity Quest’s      equipment. He does this by going through
background                                    educational video series: “Big Toys”           the unique manufacturing process that
                                              episode.                                       is used to take old materials and create
Although a new concept in the realm of                                                       new equipment for different outdoor play
technologies, green technologies have         resource                                       areas. Recycling can greatly impact the
become the main focus of a number of                                                         amount of energy that is consumed in
large companies. One application of this      Curiosity Quest is an educational video        the manufacturing process. For example,
trend is the recent push to manufacture       series that looks at different technologies    a 60-watt light bulb can be run for over
hybrid vehicles. Although electric modes      and processes that young viewers are           a day on the amount of energy saved by
of transportation such as commuter trains     curious about. Joel Greene, the creator,       recycling one pound of steel.
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