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Sustainability challenge                                                                                       CHIEf EdItor
                                                                                                               Bill Lydon
By Bill Lydon, InTech, Chief Editor                                                                

                                                                                                         PublICAtIonS mAnAgEr
                                                                                                             Susan Colwell

                                                                                                     ASSoCIAtE ProduCtIon EdItor

Sustainability is a concept I suggest should      ral gas consumption 35%, and electricity               Emily Blythe Kovac
be in our thinking. In ecology, the word sus-     25%. Commercially in 2009, these sav-
tainability describes how biological systems      ings were $70 million dollars or about 2.5                  Art dIrECtor

remain diverse and productive over time.          margin points for Frito-Lay. In addition,                 Colleen Casper
For humans, it is the potential for long-term     the company has gained recognition and
maintenance of wellbeing, which in turn de-       awards that have marketing value.                    grAPHIC dESIgn SPECIAlISt
pends on the wellbeing of the natural world          Frito-Lay’s Killingly, Conn., plant has run a              Pam King
and the responsible use of natural resources.     combined heat and power system since 19
Some business people think of sustainability      March 2009 to get off the power grid. Power
as a threat from “tree huggers” and govern-       is generated with a 6.4 megawatt gas pow-
                                                                                                              ISA PrESIdEnt
ment that will drive down profits and stifle        ered turbine and the 1,000 degree Fahrenheit               Nelson Ninin
growth. A more reasoned and productive            waste heat is used to make all the steam re-
view is to embrace the concept of sustain-        quired for the plant. The system automati-          PublICAtIonS VICE PrESIdEnt

ability to improve operations, lower costs,       cally reduces greenhouse gases by 5% by                     Vitor Finkel
and improve the environment. Automation           saving transmission losses, and nitrogen oxide       EdItorIAl AdVISory boArd
systems are an important part of achieving        emissions have been reduced by 60%. The                       Chairman
industrial production sustainability.             system was funded in part with a more than                   Steve Valdez
   A great example of a company that em-          $1 million grant from the state of Connecticut               GE Sensing
braces sustainability is PepsiCo with their       through the Energy Independence Act.                Joseph S. alford Ph.D., P.E., CaP
“Performance with Purpose” focus. Chair-             The big pro
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