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ITEA Continues Its “green” Efforts                                generating
On February 1, ITEA launched a new area of its website            Resources
completely devoted to “green” resources for teaching              Engineering
professionals.                                                    Education
Located at, this new
resource offers information pertaining to green topics such
as food, biodiversity, environment, energy/power, health,       March 27, 2010 The Technology Education Association
green building, water resources, transportation, and green      of Maine (TEAM) will hold its Spring Conference at
funding. The “green page” also includes green rss feeds,        Yarmouth High School. Visit
miscellaneous green resources, articles, presentations,         TEAM/Conference.html for additional information.
activities, and more.
                                                                April 2010 The EPA’s National Design Expo and P3
ITEA’s “Green Page” was launched in conjunction with the        Sustainable Design Challenge will celebrate its 6th year in
theme of ITEA’s 72nd Annual Conference to be held March         conjunction with the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and the
18-20 in Charlotte, NC. Additional resources are being          40th anniversary celebration of the founding of the EPA.
actively solicited and should be sent to Andy Stephenson,       The celebration will last for three days on the National Mall
DTE at                              in Washington, DC, and local school groups are invited
                                                                to attend, visit the student design-challenge tent, and
                                                                meet with engineers, scientists, and business leaders who
Calendar                                                        are working to develop innovations designed to advance
                                                                economic growth while reducing environmental impact.
March 12, 2010 The Technology Education Association
                                                                The Beyond Benign Foundation will be hosting a Classroom
of Massachusetts (TEAM) will hold its Annual Curriculum
                                                                on the Mall at which you can schedule hands-on activities
Development Conference at Fitchburg State College. The
                                                                designed specifically for your students in order to turn this
theme of this year’s conference is Invention and Innovation
                                                                experience into a standards-based field trip that you can
Using Green Technology. Green Technology encompasses an
                                                                take back to the classroom. Save the date now and reserve a
evolving group of materials and processes, from generating
                                                                school bus for April 19, 2010. You won’t want your students
energy to construction to nontoxic chemical products. The
                                                                to miss this opportunity. Find out more about the National
conference will feature live presentations, demonstrations,
                                                                Sustainable Design Expo and the P3 Sustainable Design
and hands-on activities that are sure to make you feel right
                                                                Challenge at For more information about
at home. 6 PDPs are awarded to attendees. Conference and
                                                                the Classroom on the Mall and to make a reservation for
registration information are available at http://www.awrsd.
                                                                your class trip, please visit

March 18-20, 2010 ITEA’s 72nd Annual Conference,                Ap
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