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									International Forum of Teaching and Studies                                    Vol. 6 No. 1 2010

                                 Notes from the Editor
This issue of IFOTS comes filled to the brim with perspectives from around the globe. During
the selection process, we experienced many moments, when reflection and critical analysis
were of utter importance. Although this is typically the case for any editor and publisher
during their decision-making process; however, we had received more than the usual
rejections from our reviewers of several pieces. The reasons for suggested rejections had to do
with concerns of some reviewers that standard methodology for research had not been
adhered to in several pieces; highly idiosyncratic topics were presented; and viewpoints had
been expressed that may not appeal to a large constituency of readers.

IFOTS, at the same time, prides itself to be an open forum for exchanges of ideas from all
cultures, and we hope our selection pushes all of us toward critical analysis of our own
assumptions in the field of education. I suggest you can agree that it is by stretching the
comfort zones and peeking over the rims of our respective boxes that w
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