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Agri-Mark sends $2 million to struggling dairy farmers by ProQuest


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									Newsline     Co-op developments, coast to coast
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Flint Energies supports
methane gas project
    Houston County (Georgia) and Flint
Energies have agreed to turn methane
gas at the Houston County Landfill
into electric power. The co-op says the
project will produce benefits for county
citizens, for Flint’s member-consumers
and for the overall environment. Flint
will buy gas from the county and power
generation from PowerSecure
International Inc., which will install,
own and operate the power generation
plant facilities.
    Flint members will gain access to 3.2
megawatts of “green power” and create
a new revenue stream from the landfill.
“Renewable ‘green energy’ is an
important part of the future of power
generation for Flint Energies
members,” says co-op CEO Bob Ray.
“We have been part of Green Power
EMC’s efforts to build renewable
energy generation, including the first
landfill gas in Georgia at the Taylor            The Robins Air Force Base Museum of Aviation in Georgia is working with the Flint
County Landfill in Mauk.”                        Energies cooperative to “go green.” Photo courtesy Ken Krakow Photography
    In other environmental news, Flint
Energies, based in Warner Robins, Ga.,
has announced that the Eagle Building       Agri-Mark sends $2 million                         “Our Cabot and McCadam brands
at the Robins Air Force Base Museum         to struggling dairy farmers                     continue to be profitable, to the point
of Aviation is going green. The Air            The Agri-Mark dairy cooperative,             that we feel comfortable making this
Force base will now be buying enough        Methuen, Mass., in mid-November                 second payout to members,” says Neal
green energy from the co-op each            made a second round of early cash               Rea, a dairy farmer from Cambridge,
month to power the Eagle Building at        payments of $1 per hundredweight, or            N.Y., and the co-op’s board chairman.
the museum — one of the largest             about 9 cents per gallon, to help dairy         He noted that profits from farmer-
aviation museums in the United States.      farmers struggling during a period of           owned brands, such as its Cabot and
    The green energy is generated at the    depressed milk prices. The payment              McCadam cheeses, go back to dairy
Taylor County Landfill, where the           was for September production. Co-op             farmers.
methane generation operation is owned       officials say the milk marketing                   In May 2009, the co-op sent out a
and operated by Green Power EMC, an         cooperative is having another good              check for 30 cents per hundredweight
assembly of electric membership             year, and the board and management              on a month’s production to members to
corporations from across the state,         recognized the continued need for cash          help them cope with the lowest milk
including Flint Energies.                   among its member-farmers.                       prices in more than 30 years. Rea says

32 January/February 2010 / Rural Cooperatives
Agri-Mark’s second cash payout of $1        North America increased 23 percent             up 51 percent) and China (up 115
per hundredweight in November was        
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