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									Get to Know... John Monaco, MD
                                                                                 Interview by Vikki Sloviter

Over the next few months, Pedi-        as a physician, whose job it is to      Monaco: The biggest failing I see
atrics for Parents is introducing a    apply your medical expertise to a       in health care providers is the
new series called “Get to Know…”       given set of conditions, from your      inability to listen, really listen to
where we interview some of our         personal role as a parent of two        what their patients and parents
regular contributors. You may          children?                               are saying. The history is the most
read their articles each issue, but                                            important aspect of the evaluation
we thought it’d be nice for you        Monaco: I really believe caring for     of a sick child, and one has to take
learn more about our esteemed          sick kids and their fearful parents     the time and truly, authentically
authors that include John Monaco,      has made me a better parent and         listen. You must get to know your
Michael Meyerhoff, Roy Benaroch        likewise, being a parent has made       patients, and understand why they
and Carolyn Roy-Bornstein. Sit         me a far better physician.              are there to see you.
back, read, and get to know… Dr.
John Monaco.                           Vikki: Even though a parent almost      Vikki: You see many children who
                                       always accompanies her child to         present with what used to be
Vikki: Thank you for agreeing          the doctor’s office or hospital, in     seen primarily in adults: type 2
to be interviewed for Pediatrics       your experience, at what age can        diabetes, joint problems and gall
for Parents. Tell us about your        a child reliably recount his symp-      bladder disease. Many of these
background. How and why did            toms so that medical staff can          children are overweight or obese.
you decided to become a doctor,        properly treat him? What do you         What’s going on?
specifically a pediatrician?           do when what a child describes is
                                       markedly different from what his        Monaco: To answer this question
Dr. Monaco: I had a fairly typical     parent tells you?                       would require a book. In fact I
middle-class upbringing in up-                                                 have written one! And another is
state NY. My mother was a school       Monaco: Interesting question!           on the way! Seriously, it could be
teacher and I always loved help-       Actually, children at any age can       our most important public health
ing her with her elementary-aged       “tell” you something about their        crisis. The causes are many, but
students. I knew I wanted to take      illness. Even infants will have a       have mainly to do with the type of
care of children, and if I hadn’t      certain cry if they are in pain, they   foods children eat, the quality and
gone to medical school I probably      may act differently or just “look”      lack of movement and the emo-
would have been a teacher as well.     as if things are not quite right.       tional issues involved in food. To
In medical school, I saved my          Once kids have acquired the gift        solve the problem, all these things
pediatric rotation for last, know-     of language, they can be painfully      must be addressed.
ing that was probably what I was       honest about heir symptoms, and
going to do. As it turned out, there   what they say always weighs into        Vikki: Finally, I love the articles
was never any doubt.                   the total picture. If parents and       you write for us becau
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