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									                            A Primer on ...
                                                                         By Nova Simpson, PharmD

                             Vigamox for Pink Eye in Kids

                           Infectious    When administering Vigamox to             Vigamox should be reserved for
                           conjunc-      a child, it is best to follow com-        use only for patients that wear
tivitis is the typical, highly conta-    mon precautions such as wash-             contacts. For most kids suffering
gious “pink eye” with crusty, thick      ing hands and not touching the            from pink eye, moxifloxacin should
discharge that loves to infect our       container tip to the eye, lid, skin       not be used as first-line treatment
little ones and is caused by a virus     or other surface. For best results,       because it is expensive and un-
or a bacterium. (There is also al-       after putting drops in, have the          necessary, and common use can
lergen or irritant conjunctivitis.)      child keep her eyes closed and            lead to bacterial resistance.
Bacterial conjunctivitis is relatively   apply slight pressure to the inside
easy to treat with antibiotic eye        corner of the eye for three to five       Highly effective, inexpensive al-
drops, moxifloxacin (sold under          minutes. This helps the medicine          ternatives to Vigamox are eryth-
the brand name Vigamox).                 to be absorbed. However, quite            romycin ointment (Ilocytin), sul-
                                         often it is very difficult to have a      facetamide drops (Bleph-10) and
Moxifloxacin belongs to a group of       child stay still long enough to ad-       polymixin/trimethoprim drops
broad-spectrum antibiotics called        minister the drops. It is important       (Polytrim). The ointment is recom-
fluoroquinolones and is available        to note that the eye drops expire         mended for any patient for whom
as an oral tablet (Avelox) and an        28 days after opening.                    it may be difficult to administer
eye drop (Vigamox). Parents may                                                    drops (kids) because it stays on
recognize the name Vigamox be-           Other eye drops in the same class         the lids and can help treat the
cause it has become many doctors’        include ciprofloxacin (Ciloxan),          pink eye even if it is doubtful that
drug of choice for the treatment         ofloxacin (Ocuflox), levofloxacin         the medicine reached the actual
of bacterial conjunctivitis in chil-     (Quixin), besifloxacin (Besivance)        conjunctiva.
dren. This newfound popularity is        and gatifloxacin (Zymar). Within
                                                                                   Bottom line…the best primary
unfortunate because it is
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