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					    The CANNT Journal                               Letter from the Editor: Gillian Brunier
    is the official publication of the Canadian
    Association of Nephrology Nurses and
    Technologists, 336 Yonge St., Ste. 322,         Rising to the challenge!
    Barrie, ON, L4N 4C8, telephone:
    (705) 720-2819, fax: (705) 720-1451,                                    At CANNT 2009              While the previous study on
    e-mail: cannt@cannt.ca. Published                                    in Saint John, New        buttonhole technique is clearly focused
    quarterly, the journal is received by all                            Brunswick, we were        on improving vascular access care for
    members of CANNT. Subscriptions are:                                 delighted to have eight   patients on hemodialysis, Sharon White
    Canada $50.00 (plus GST), US. $60.00,
    Outside N. America $85.00. Back issues,                              manuscripts submit-       and Angela Vinet from the London
    when available, are $7.50 (+GST) per issue                           ted by Canadian           Health Sciences Centre have focused
    and are available from the editor. Opinions                          nephrology nurses         their study on demonstrating how they
    expressed by writers in the CANNT                                    from across the coun-     tried to improve outcomes for patients
    Journal are not necessarily those held by the
    editor or CANNT. Contrasting views by
                                                                         try—all to be consid-     on peritoneal dialysis (PD). Peritonitis
    our readership and membership are               ered for the 2009 CANNT Manuscript             is the most frequent complication for
    welcome. All letters, comments and articles     Award. The CANNT 2009 planning                 patients on PD, and in their study they
    are to be sent to the CANNT office, 336          committee had a most difficult job             discuss how they tried to improve the
    Yonge St., Ste. 322, Barrie, ON L4N 4C8.
    Toll-free: 1-877-720-2819
                                                    choosing the winner from amongst these         rates for peritonitis at their centre.
    Website: www.cannt.ca                           eight excellent manuscripts. But they          Sharon and Angela also presented the
    • Deadlines for submission                      rose to the challenge!                         findings of their study at CANNT
    to the CANNT Journal are:                           The first article in this issue is from    2009.
    January–March – January 15,                     the winner of the 2009 CANNT                       The new member of the CANNT
    for publication March 15;                       Manuscript Award: Barbara Paterson             Journal editorial board, pharmacist
    April–June – April 15,
    for publication June 15;
                                                    and her colleagues’ research, “Ripples in      Colette Raymond, with her colleagues
    July–September – July 15,                       the water: A toolkit for Aboriginal            at the Manitoba Renal Program, have
    for publication September 15;                   people on hemodialysis.” Barbara is a          written an excellent review for
    October–December – October 15,                  nursing professor at the University of         Canadian nephrology nurses on the new
    for publication December 15.
    The CANNT Journal is indexed in the
                                                    New Brunswick at Fredericton. Her              “Kidney disease: Improving global
    Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied          article focuses on the findings of a two-      outcomes (KDIGO) guidelines for
    Health Literature (CINAHL), the                 year community-based research study to         mineral and bone disorders (MBD).”
    International Nursing Index (INI),              develop the prototype or model for a           KDIGO is a global non-profit
    MEDLINE, EBSCO, ProQuest and                    toolkit intended to be used by                 foundation dedicated to improving the
    Thomson Gale.
    ISSN 1498-5136                                  Aboriginal people to help them to              care and outcomes of kidney disease
    The CANNT Journal is produced by                understand what being on hemodialysis          patients worldwide. KDIGO is
    Pappin Communications,                          will mean to them in their everyday            governed by an international board
    The Victoria Centre, 84 Isabella St.,           lives. Barbara presented her work at           representing 24 countries and five
    Pembroke, Ontario K8A 5S5.                      CANNT 2009.                                    continents.    Colette’s    continuing
    Editor-in-Chief                                     The second article is a research           education article gives all of us an
    Gillian Brunier, RN(EC), MScN, CNeph(C)         study also presented at CANNT 2009.            excellent update on medication
      Toronto, Ontario
                                                    The author is Valerie Ludlow, research         treatment strategies for managing
    Editorial Board
    Lee Beliveau, RN, CNeph(C)
                                                    assistant with the Patient Research            chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients
      Surrey, British Columbia                      Centre at Memorial University, St.             with mineral and bone disorders.
    Eleanor Ravenscroft, RN, PhD, CNeph(C)          John’s, Newfoundland. The title of her             To conclude this issue, we provide
      Toronto, Ontario                              research study is “Buttonhole                  you with an overview of the bursary,
    Colette B. Raymond, PharmD, MSc                 cannulation in hemodialysis: Improved   
Description: While the previous study on buttonhole technique is clearly focused on improving vascular access care for patients on hemodialysis, Sharon White and Angela Vinet from the London Health Sciences Centre have focused their study on demonstrating how they tried to improve outcomes for patients on peritoneal dialysis (PD). [...] this issue, we provide you witJi an overview of the bursary, award, and research grant winners from CANNT 2009.
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