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Obama Pushes Ridiculously Expensive Train Scheme


[...] it will not be truly high speed like Japan's Bullet train, because U.S. roadbeds can't handle such speeds safely. [...] systems are so expensive to build and operate because they require new, dedicated rail lines built to specific tolerances and levels of durability, says Ronald D. Utt, a senior economic analyst at the Heritage Foundation, in a paper questioning the feasibility of the entire project In pushing their high-speed rail (HSR) agenda, the President, members of Congress and their supporters conjure up images of intercity passengers in spacious and comfortable rail cars traveling between cities at speeds approaching 200 miles per hour.

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									Obama Pushes Ridiculously Expensive Train Scheme
Donald Lambro
Human Events; Feb 15, 2010; 66, 7; Docstoc
pg. 1

Reproduced with permission of the copyrigh
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