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									RON MILLER
                                                                                                            media redux

If Google                                                            never coming back. It’s a different value proposition now, and no
                                                                     amount of complaining can change that.
                                                                        Frankly, some of that revenue has moved to Google because

Disappeared                                                          Google was smart enough to come up with a system to get us to
                                                                     online content. But if it weren’t Google, it would have been
                                                                     someone else (such as the aforementioned Microsoft). As I wrote
                                                                     on the FierceContentManagement blog, in “It’s Time for the
                                                                     News Business to Seize Control,” Scott Karp, CEO and founder

w              hat would happen to content providers such as
               News Corp. if Google went away tomorrow? Would
               they be better off, or would they be back where
they started? In this theoretical world, it would depend on how
they took advantage of the opening (one that has always existed
                                                                     of Publishing 2.0, believes it was always possible for newspapers
                                                                     with their means to be that distributor. They just never took the
                                                                     initiative to do it.
                                                                        He believes the newspaper business has basically just
                                                                     capitulated to Google. He says, “Forget Google! Do it yourself.
for them anyway). However, the main issue is that Google is not      Compete with them.” And that’s what Karp’s business is about—
really the problem for content providers. The ones who see           creating that alternative news aggregation engine to Google News.
Google as a threat don’t understand that it is just the search          But don’t think Google isn’t listening or feeling complacent. It
engine that succeeded, not some evil empire bent on undermining      got creative in December when it teamed up with The New York
the newspaper business model.                                        Times and The Washington Post to launch the Living Stories
    Rupert Murdoch, chairman and CEO of News Corp., and              project in Google Labs. This project is an effort by Google to be
Associated Press CEO Tom Curley are forever whining to anyone        more of a partner with the publishers by supplying both an
who will listen that Google is stealing their content. Murdoch       interface to present complex news stories and a central place for
made headlines recently when he said he would take his content       readers to kee
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