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Metrics Matters


Ten years ago, just 9% of courses were delivered via technology-based tools. Today, more than three time as much instruction relies on technology. In its 2008 State of the Industry report, ASTD describe the situation this way: Although traditional classroom instruction still occupies prominent space, learning professionals are turning to technology to help streamline operations and deliver learning at less cost and with greater reach. As learning spills into the world of work, there are pressing questions and concerns. Fueled by abundant enthusiasm but limited by scant experience, professionals must rely on metrics to plan, report, and improve. If people skip it, or do as they have always done, the blame will go to the methods. Doubt will be cast on blends, e-learning, blogs, Web 2.0, and performance support tools, and man will hunker clown with the familiar. People won't know (or be able to argue for another or a better direction) if they continue to discount metrics.

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