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									                                                                                                                               THE 2010 SERVICE AWARDS
                                                                                                                                          SERVICE ELITE

                              Service Elite
THESE, as you might imagine, are our favorite stories.               club. Their successes remind us of the possible, and restore
   Favorites, of course, are subjective, but they share at least     our faith in the benefits of service.
one characteristic: They’re all impressive in one regard or             One winner helps its customers purchase more of what
another—occasionally in several. This year, in fact, the             they want simply by chatting with them; another serves its
quality of submissions compelled us to expand our set of             customers by sparing them the need to wait on hold.
favorites to include, for the first time ever, a fifth Elite. Even   Perhaps most telling, all five display a commitment to
with that, we know there must be other deployments worthy            engage the customer at the level of the customer’s preference.
of similar appreciation—but we challenge you to find others          As social media continues to alter the nature of CRM—
that are more worthy.                                                especially in the customer-facing support and service
   These five—across industries as varied as e-commerce,             sectors—we expect we’ll be seeing quite a bit more of that
travel, insurance, and technology—represent an exclusive             in our favorite stories. | B Y T H E E D I T O R S O F C R M M A G A Z I N E

www.destinationCRM.com                                                           CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT | MARCH 2010                43


                                                                                       Chatting Up a Storm
                                                                                        RightNow Technologies is helping
                                                                                        Drugstore.com get better at making
                                                                                        its customers look good

                                                    AS THE economy suffered a recessionary                 2008, and then a year later on discount
                                                    flu, retail was one of the critical patients—          contact-lens site VisionDirect.com.
                                                    so Drugstore.com opted to self-medicate. A                 Chat’s made a big splash on Beauty.com.
                                                    spoonful of sugar may not have been the                “We’re trying to replicate, if not expand upon,
                                                    only thing to help that medicine go down: In           the beauty-counter experience you’d find in
                                                    the third quarter of 2009, while the United            the department store,” Kelly says. In 2009, in
                                                    States Department of Commerce reported a               an effort to hone its beauty focus, the com-
                                                    mere 2 percent increase in overall e-com-              pany created a select team. “We hired people
                                                    merce spending, Drugstore.com’s over-the-              with either an esthetician background or a
                                                    counter segment saw 17 percent growth.                 love of fashion or passion about beauty,” Kelly

         “Wetalk about
             don’t just                                At the online retailer’s three properties—
                                                    Beauty.com, VisionDirect.com, and, of course,
                                                    Drugstore.com itself—products in the health
                                                                                                           says. Unlike typical phone or email customer
                                                                                                           service, agents have deeper, more-involved
                                                                                                           discussions with customers via chat, often
            listening to the                        and wellness, pharmacy, and beauty categories          with longer engagement times. “They’re not
                customer—                           range from a $1.50 lipstick to a $200 calorie-         just asking, ‘Where’s my order?’” Kelly says.
                                                    management system. To manage its multi-                Customers share specific needs, and agents
                 we actually                        channel customer service—with more than a              fulfill these requests as if in an in-store inter-
                    do it.
                              — R O N K E L LY
                                                    million customer contacts a year through
                                                    email, phone, and live chat—Drugstore.com
                                                    enlisted RightNow Technologies in August
                                                                                                           action. “A chat does take longer,” he says, “but
                                                                                                           it’s for the right reasons.”
                                                                                                               Customers seem to like those reasons, too.
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