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moving                  picture
                                                                   Briefly, HTTP Live Streaming lets you post multiple
                                                                files to a server and adaptively switch between them
                                                                based upon factors such as connection speed, buffer
                                                                levels, and CPU load. For example, at last year’s PGA
                                                                Championship, Turner produced three streams: one at
                                                                126Kbps, the next at 450Kbps, the top at 800Kbps, and
                                                                all at 400x224 resolution. Scott indicated that Turner will
                                                                likely customize the application for the iPad’s larger
                                                                screen resolution and add at least one higher-resolution
                                                                video stream. But he can’t predict the resolution or data
                                                                rate until he gets a unit in for testing.

a tale of THREE iPads                                              From a technology perspective, the advanced
                                                                StreamingMedia.com listserv was abuzz about Apple’s
                                                                decision not to support Flash. For those in favor of

a       pple’s recent iPad announcement had a strong
        impact on three groups: broadcasters, technology
        enthusiasts, and just about anyone concerned with
the survival of the newspaper industry. Since discussions
in these areas provide a great view of the iPad’s strengths
                                                                Apple’s decision, it was a win for standards and
                                                                standards-based design, specifically HTML 5, the much-
                                                                heralded next-generation web development language.
                                                                There was also a side order of “Flash just takes too many
                                                                system resources to run smoothly” thrown in for effect.
and weaknesses, I thought that I would detail them here.           Flash promoters quickly pointed out the irony of Apple
   The iPad is best likened to a large iPod touch; though       being the poster child for any open standard, stating that
one model will have cellular capabilities, it’s only for data   the motivation for not supporting Flash was purely
transmission, not for telephony (though you could use it to     financial. If the iPhone/iPad/touch trilogy could play
make calls via Skype). The hardware runs iPhone OS,             Flash-based games or use Flash-based rich-internet
which means that it’s compatible with the 140,000 or so         applications, it would cut into Apple’s App Store revenue.
apps in the Apple App Store. With a screen resolution of           The debate got so fierce that Adobe’s CTO released a
1024x768, the iPad is big enough to browse the web. But         lengthy post detailing how Flash ran successfully on
it’s not compatible with Flash, so if you surf over to          almost all other smartphones from vendors such as
ESPN.com, you can read the text but cannot watch the            Google, RIM, Nokia, and Palm and how it enables their
videos. If you want to create a we
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