LETTING them LOOK over your SHOULDER by ProQuest


The author has always thought that videographers and video producers are society's legal voyeurs. They're not the performers; they seem to go out of their way not to be noticed. They're more like "The Great and Powerful Oz" behind the curtain. That perception changed when he came across Ron Priest of Digital Creations out of Louisville. Priest doesn't mind being on camera. Frankly he finds it good for business. One of the author's tips for keeping clients happy is to educate them. Your clients have become used to receiving up-to-the-minute information via social media. Wedding and event videographers have done a darn good job of meeting that demand by offering products such as same-day edits, live Webcasts and reception videos. These value-added services are great for customer relations.

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                                                                      I was thinking that Ron’s idea might work well for those
                                                                   of us who get lost in the online forums while we’re
                                                                   supposed to be working. Can you imagine having to
                                                                   explain your invoice to a client who’s been watching you?
                                                                      One of my tips for keeping clients happy is to educate
                                                                   them. Help them make the most and best use of the product
                                                                   or service you provide. Having them “sit in,” as it were, on
                                                                   an edit could be an excellent learning experience. After all,
LETTING them LOOK                                                  I’ve heard too many frustrated videographers say, “It’s not
                                                                   as easy as they think it is.”

over your SHOULDER                                                    If allowing clients to view the inner sanctum of your
                                                                   creativity isn’t quite up your alley, what are other things
                                                                   you might do to satiate their desire for immediacy? Well,

     ’ve always thought that videographers and video               you might try experimenting with new customer
     producers are society’s legal voyeurs. They’re not the        management services such as ShootQ and Highrise, which
     performers; they seem to go out of their way not to be        give clients real-time updates on the production status of
noticed. They’re more like “The Great and Powerful Oz”             their projects. They can check in at any time and see where
behind the curtain.                                                they fall along the production queue.
   That perception changed when I came across Ron Priest              Another option is to follow the lead of technical service
of Digital Creations (www.digitalcreationssite.com) out of         providers by adding “live chat” capabilities to your
Louisville. Ron doesn’t mind being on camera. Frankly, he          website. One of the cool things about using a live-chat
finds it good for business. He has no problem inviting             feature is that, even if you’re not available, visitors can
clients to look over his shoulder while he edits their             leave a message while checking out your site. It gives them
projects. Ron incorporates live studio cams in his edit suite.     quicker access to you than going through your email. (And
   When Ron goes to work on a project, he turns on the             you’re probably more apt to check that live-chat box
studio cams and puts the focus on the work in progress. He         before you check your actual email anyway!) You get a
says, “It’s important for my clients to see just how I go          record of when someone has been to your site and where
about doing my work, how much time I invest in it, and,            he or she viewed the site from via the IP address.
more importantly, how much time is spent on their wedding             One popular paid service is ProvideSupport.com. With
specifically. After all, it’s all about them … isn’t it?”          a click of t
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