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Due to our own civilization's guilt-complex, due to our disrespect for ourselves as well as our history, due to our impotence, reluctance, and inability to enforce our rights, due to the fact that we issue global apologies for our behavior and our own existence; that is why we receive contempt, and contempt is just one step away from hatred. Leonid Brezhnev declared, "The correlation of power has shifted to the advantage of socialism," and subsequently began a global geopolitical offensive. If the Sirik Mataks of this world - nonWestern statesmen who believe in us, in the West, who risk their survival, freedom, and the future of their families and countries to ally with us in friendship - if all those Sirik Mataks in Iraq and Afghanistan and actually anywhere in the nonWestern world, if those people survive, then the West will be admired, respected, and loved by the non-Western world.

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									Images of the West

The West and the Others
                                                                                                                             Roman Joch

         estern civilization is superior to      on its own accord; if it has been realized     tion, the West is the target destination for
         other civilizations. I know. This       in some form, it has been a result of Wes-     people from all over the world; it is not
         statement is scandalous and             tern imposition. Eo Ipso, Western civi-        a place of exodus. People do not emigra-
shocking considering our current post-           lization is, in a political sense, superior    te from Britain to Pakistan but the other
modern and multicultural era, and it re-         to all other civilizations and as such, also   way around; not from France to Alge-
quires an explanation. Western civilizati-       more worthy.                                   ria, but the other way around; not from
on is superior in a political sense. It is the                                                  Germany to Turkey, but the other way
only civilization that has, so far, disco-                                                      around; not from the Benelux to Moroc-
vered and realized the ideal of personal                                                        co, but the other way around; not from
and political freedom. If even an ounce                     The West lost its                   the Czech Republic to Ukraine, but the
of freedom exists in other civilizations,                   advantage in the                    other way around. What does this mean?
then it does so because these civilizations                1990s because it                     That there is something about the West
have been inspired by the West (or per-                                                         which is attractive to non-Westerners and
                                                          was weak, because
haps the West forced such freedom onto                                                          therefore – in their own eyes – superior
them).                                                      it had started to                   to what they have at home. If we look at
                                                         bribe the Third World.                 how people from all over the world “vote
Socratic Questioning                                                                            with their feet,” the West comes out ra-
I dare say we can judge regimes, correct?                                                       ther well in these elections.
We can judge them on the basis of the-                                                              On the other hand, the West is tru-
ir justice or injustice, and in that sense,          It is necessary to realize what this ar-   ly unpopular and even hated by other
on their superiority or inferiority. Surely      gument claims, but also what it does not.      civilizations which look down upon it
the contemporary purpose of Socrates’            It does not say that Western civilization is   and therefore also us. Why? Due to our
political philosophy is to find the answer        more valuable than any other civilization      own civilization’s guilt-complex, due to
to the question: “What is a just regime?”        in anything other than political aspects.      our disrespect for ourselves as well as
For example, Aristotle believed in three         For example, when it comes to culinary         our history, due to our impotence, reluc-
“correct” forms of government and three          arts, Chinese civilization is undoubtedly      tance, and inability to enforce our rights,
illegitimate ones: the former being either       superior to Western civilization. It also      due to the fact that we issue global apo-
monarchy, aristocracy, or a republic, and        does not say that people from the West         logies for our behavior and our own exis-
the latter being democracy, oligarchy or         are better or worthier than other peop-        tence; that is why we receive contempt,
tyranny. Let us assume – and I hope that         le; on the contrary, a feature of Western      and contempt is just one step away from
it is uncontroversial – that a certain re-       civilization is to view all people as – in     hatred. If we hate ourselves in the West,
gime is better than another if it allows         a metaphysical sense – equal and with          why s
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