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Jesus Tavera, a fourth-year student enrolled in advanced placement courses, observed that it is not easy for low-income minority youth to escape the constraints of the inner city. According to the Chicago Tribune, eight out of 10 Chicago public school students qualify for free or subsidized lunches, often the barometer for district income levels.

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									               OUR GENERATION
               expects instant gratification.
               Previous generations did not
               have instant access to informa-
               tion, nor the ability to commu-
               nicate with the same level of
               immediacy that the Internet,
               mobile phones and Blackberries
               give us today. This speed and re-
               sponsiveness have made us more
               unforgiving of delays and inef-
                  But the flood of instant in-
               formation that comes with new
               technology has its risks. This is
               particularly true for issues that
               require a long-term approach—
               and that require the patience to
               be addressed step by step. Pre-
               serving our environment for
               future generations is one such
               issue. The world has already paid
               a high price for the way we have
               wasted global resources. It took
               us many decades—even centu-
               ries—to reach this point, and we
               will not be able to correct our
               mistakes overnight. In the same
               way, the young business leaders
               of my generation who want to
               do the right thing environmen-

   Farragut Career Academy’s
   debate team preparing for the
   next debate and their future
   in Chicago, October 2009.

AQ0110_YOUTH_90_99_12.indd Sec4:90                 1/25/10 6:50:06 AM
     THE                                                                                       GENERATION

    DEBATERS                                                   Farragut
                                                            Career Academy
                                                                   HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                   DEBATE TEAM

                                                                  CHICAGO, ILLINOIS

                                                                   UNITED STATES

                                                                                   people walk-
                                                   BET THERE WERE                  ing around
                                                   in the Bible complaining about kids today,”
                                                   gripes Roger Sterling, an advertising exec-
                                                   utive in the popular U.S. TV series, “Mad
                                                   Men.” It was a rare moment of truth-tell-
                                                   ing from one of the show’s most pompous,
                                                   chauvinistic characters. Young people in
                                                   the United States are indeed often spoiled,
                                                   disengaged and self-centered.
                                                      But we, members of a studen
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