[...] groups also have limitations. Since they are formed almost exclusively by volunteers, their work may end when there are no longer any volunteers available. [...] some youth groups are joining previously established and more politicallyminded NGOs in focusing on more controversial issues.

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									             Aníbal Gálvez Rivas
             and Ricardo Aaron
              Verona Badajoz
                      12 MARCH 1981
                       16 JULY 1984

               Instituto de Defensa Legal
                        LIMA, PERU


                                                       OUNG         social activists are
                                                                    playing a new role in
                                                       Peru today. The previous genera-
                                                                                             groups exist to this day, new is-
                                                                                             sues have appeared. The govern-
                                                                                             ment’s focus on macroeconomic
                                                       tion of young Peruvians defined        growth, to the exclusion of pov-
                                                       their priorities differently in re-   erty alleviation, has given rise to
                                                       sponse to the violence of the         new social conflicts. As a result,
                                                       1980s. Terrorist groups such as       today’s generation is interested
                                                       Sendero Luminoso and the Movi-        in economic and social devel-
                                                       miento Revolucionario Tupac Am-       opment. We are focused on im-
                                                       aru (MRTA) provoked heavy state       proving the quality of life for
                                                       repression, especially in the ru-     the most vulnerable of our fel-
                                                       ral Andes and the Amazon. As a        low citizens. And our energies
                                                       result, youth movements at the        and concerns have led to the cre-
                                                       time focused on human rights          ation of development-oriented
                                                       advocacy. Young professionals         organizations, such as Minkando
                                                       created NGOs such as the Insti-       (a Lima-based organization of
                                                       tuto de Defensa Legal (IDL) and       students and young profession-
                                                       the Asociación Pro Derechos Hu-       als that focuses on youth and
                                                       manos (Aprode) and were in-           adolescent development) and
                                                       strumental in the subsequent          Un Techo Para Mi País (an orga-
                                                       creation of the NGO La Coordina-      nization founded in Chile that
                                                       dora Nacional de Derechos Huma-       arranges the construction of
                                                       nos (CNDDHH) that has served          inexpensive homes for under-
                                                       as an umbrella group for dozens       served communities).
                                                       of human rights NGOs.                    Not only do the priorities of
                                                          Our national landscape has         today’s generation differ from
                                                       changed. Although many of             those of previous ones, so do
                                                       those human righ
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