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                                 EXPLORER                                  Tarkan Maner
                                                                              7 MARCH 1969
                                                                             ANKARA, TURKEY

                                                                           CEO, Wyse Technology
                                                                              SILICON VALLEY,
                                                                               UNITED STATES

                     Maner at Wyse

                                             S A YOUNG
                     Headquarters in                                elementar y school stu-
                     San Jose, California,
                     December 2009.
                                                                    dent in Istanbul, back in the
                                             1970s, I lived in a non-virtual, non-Web and non-
                                             social-media world. I don’t remember seeing a
                                             computer until Stanley Kubrick’s movie 2001. I
                                             thought computers talked like HAL 9000 (“I’m
                                             sorry, Tarkan. I’m afraid I can’t do that.”) until I
                                             saw the then-hip Commodore 64K at the home
                                             of a rich friend. Commodore was much smaller
                                             than HAL—and more friendly—but my parents
                                             could not afford to buy one.
                                                By today’s standards, of course, I was one-di-

        PHOTOGRAPH BY DAVE LEPORI                          WINTER 2010   Americas Quarterly 121

AQ0110_YOUTH_112_133_13.indd Sec4:121                                                           1/25/10 7:04:49 AM
                                 mensional and maybe a bit bor-                                          progressed through three major
    New innovations              ing. But I loved reading. I loved                                       paradigm shifts: the mainframe,
    in contextual                reading history. I loved shar-              AQ ASKS                     the PC—and its manifestation
    search, real-                ing stories and comparing my                                            through client/server comput-
    time and                     life story to those I was reading       Tarkan Maner                    ing—and finally, the Web, as the
                                 about. And as I read stories of                                         front end to the Internet.
    location-based               others, I always tried to imag-            What countries                  Today, however, a truly tec-
    personalization              ine how those early years of               have you visited?            tonic shift is emerging in the in-
    and overall cloud            my life would feel to me, many             Except for a few             formation technology industry.
                                 years later. Similarly, I would            countries in Africa,         Now every aspect of computing
    technologies                 try to imagine how someone                 Asia and Latin America,      is getting more connected, sim-
    enable us to do              would watch me living my life
                                                                            I’ve visited every           plified and knowledge-driven.
    more with less,                                                         country on the planet.
                                 either years, decades or centu-                                         New innovations in contextual
    and faster.                  ries later.                                What is your                 search, real-time and location-
                                    Did the Egyptians and Hittites          favorite website?            based personalization and over-
                                 think how their battle in Kadesh                   all cloud technologies enable
                                 would be viewed 3,283 year later?                                       us to do more with less, and
                                 Did the Macedonians think their            With which actor            
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