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									Production job descriptions

How to develop a job description for production positions?

A job description include contents such as:

1. Job purpose

2. Key duties/tasks

3. KRAs

4. KPIs

5. Job standard

6. Job spec…

I/ Types of Production job description

• Production manager
• Production coordinator
• Production supervisor
• Production assistant
• Production planner
• Production clerk

I/ Key job tasks of a Production coordinator

1. Schedules and coordinates flow of work within or between departments of
   manufacturing plant to expedite production
2. Coordinate schedules and other activities.
3. May expedite production of spare parts and establish delivery dates for spare parts
   orders and be designated spares scheduler (clerical).
4. May coordinate and expedite work in automobile repair and service establishment
   from control tower, using public address system, and be designated work coordinator,
   tower control (automotive ser.).
5. Coordinate the scheduling of meetings, and the assigning of responsibility for specific
6. Reviews master production schedule and work orders, establishes priorities for
    specific customer orders, and revises schedule according to work order specifications,
    established priorities, and availability or capability of workers, parts, material,
    machines, and equipment.
7. Assist in day-to-day department operations.
8. Place orders for supplies and services.
9. Reschedules identical processes to eliminate duplicate machine setups.
10. Distributes work orders to departments, denoting number, type, and proposed
    completion date of units to be produced.
11. Archiving of project correspondence and documentation
12. Maintain digital and paper file systems.
13. Confers with department supervisors to determine progress of work and to provide
    information on changes in processing methods received from methods or engineering
14. Compiles reports concerning progress of work and downtime due to failures of
    machines and equipment to apprise production planning personnel of production
15. Produce detailed reports, meeting notes, and notifications.
16. Examine documents for completeness and latest version.
17. Maintains inventory of materials and parts needed to complete production.
18. May expedite material
19. May use computer system to track and locate production units.
20. Coordinate with project teams
21. Ensure that appropriate rights are secured in licenses for images, artwork and
    likenesses. Populate project database with rights information.

II / Job specification of Production coordinator

1. Should have at least 1 - 2 years experience in coordination for design or art
    production departments or some other creative development field.
2. A degree in Art/Stage Management, or a related field is a plus.
3. You must have extensive knowledge of Word, Excel, MS Internet Explorer, and
    Outlook. Solid knowledge of programs like Microsoft Project, PowerPoint, FileMaker
    Pro, Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop are a definite plus.
4. Be able to communicate with multiple parties with multiple personalities about
    multiple projects in a clear and effective way.
5. We need you to be a motivated self-starter, but also a good collaborator.
6. Be extremely organized with extraordinary problem-solving skills.
7. Attention to detail and having the ability to manage your time is critical.
8. You must be able to meet deadlines.
9. Excellent organizational and record keeping skills are critical.
10. You must be able to work well with designers, writers and management.
11. Flexibility is a must.
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