Residential Agreement Of Sale (Detailed FSBO) or Comprehensive Agreement of Sale

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					                            Residential Agreement of Sale
                                    (For Sale by Owner)

This Agreement made this _____ day of ______________ 2010 by and between
_______________________________________ herein named as “Seller(s)” and
_______________________________________ hereby named as “Buyer(s)” and shall
serve as a contractual agreement of sale of real estate between the seller(s) and buyer(s) of
real property of which sellers and buyers agree to all covenants and laws governing the
state of _______________________ and agree that all shall be accepted as part of this
agreement as followed.


         1. Agreement to Buy and Sell Description. Seller shall sell and convey, and
Buyer will purchase, all the land, with the buildings and improvements on the land, being
in the true description of the property per legal description of the property. This sale
includes all of seller’s right, title and interest in and to any land in the bed of any street,
road, or avenue, opened or proposed, in front of or adjoining the premises, to the center
line, and all of seller’s right, title, fixtures, appurtenances and interest in and to any
unpaid award for damage to the premises by reason of change of grade of any street; and
seller will execute and deliver to purchaser, on closing of title, or thereafter on demand,
all instruments reasonably needed for the conveyance and the assignment and collection
of any award.

        2. Purchase Price. The mutually agreed purchase price of said property located at
_________________________________ is _________________________($), payable as
follows: ________________________ ($) at signing of “Offer To Purchase” held in
escrow as a good faith deposit on said named property and to be deemed payable in cash,
money order, personal or certified check. Buyer(s) agree(s) that good faith deposit shall
be deemed payable to seller(s) if buyer does not fulfill the terms and conditions of this
agreement for any reason of estoppel not related to the sellers ability to provide clear title
to the property secured by this agreement and all affirmed signed amendments and/or
addendum’s, buyer shall agree that all good faith deposits shall become forfeited to seller
and non-refundable.

       The receipt of _____________________________________, ($) shall be paid by
buyer(s) to seller(s) in “certified funds only” for the balance of down payment and the
balance owed of said property and will be due at the time of closing and delivery of the

        3. Form of Mortgage. The bond or note and mortgage to be given by purchaser
shall be drawn on the standard forms of [appropriate governing unit, e.g., name of town
and county] board of “Title Underwriters” by seller(s) attorney at purchaser’s expense if

        Purchaser(s) shall also pay the mortgage recording tax and recording fees and pay
for and aff
Description: This is a comprehensive residential agreement of sale used for FSBO (for sale by owner/as is) however; it can also be used as a standard comprehensive residential agreement of sale as well. The brokers commission section "15" and the header "for sale by owner" need to be changed to reflect the status as a residential agreement of sale (non-fsbo), the commission shedules must reflect the brokers fees if applicable based on the appropriate listing agreements if there are any involved. This is one of my most used documents in the sale of real property as it contains all covenants required by law and beyond for smooth closings (addendums may also be added to this document if required).
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