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									           Unifying for a
         Sustainable Future
           Concrete Joint Sustainability Initiative aligns the industry’s efforts

A    CI has a long tradition of participating in cooperative
     efforts in the interest of improving concrete practice.
That tradition is continuing through an industry-wide
                                                                  It is in the best interest of the concrete industry and
                                                               the public to minimize the duplication of activities and
                                                               foster cooperation in areas of technical committees,
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which ACI helped             educational seminars, publications, certification, marketing,
to launch, that will have far-reaching implications for        and other related activities pertaining to sustainable
not only the future of the concrete industry, but also our     development. “The concrete industry has reacted
society, with potentially global benefits as well.             positively and implemented many improvements in
   By establishing the Concrete Joint Sustainability           sustainable development so far,” said Barth. “By ratifying
Initiative (JSI) in April 2009, the concrete industry has      this agreement, we not only agree to work together, but
agreed to combine its resources and work together              also establish that we have the same vision to share this
toward the goal of sustainable development. Spear-             planet responsibly.”
headed by Aris Papadopoulos, Vice Chair of the Portland           Through the Concrete JSI, the allied associations will
Cement Association (PCA) and Chair of its Sustainable          strive to improve concrete technology at the component
Development Committee (and CEO of Titan America,               and integrated levels to enhance concrete’s value to
LLC), the initiative was formed during talks among             society. The Concrete JSI is focused on concrete’s overall
Papadopoulos, ACI President Florian Barth, and Henry           impact on sustainability and is considering the myriad
Batten, Chairman of the National Ready Mixed Concrete          environmental issues that are involved in its use, of which
Association (NRMCA). It has since enlarged in scope to         CO2 emissions are just one of the areas of concern.
include 26 concrete-related organizations.
   In signing the MOU, the organizations as a group agree to   deFining ConCrete’S SoCiaL vaLUe
concentrate on the sustainable development applications           While we know that concrete is the most widely
of all concrete structures, defined in the “Joint Declar-      used building material worldwide, it is precisely this
ation of Industry Vision for a Sustainable Future” as all      widespread usage that perhaps causes the general
vertical and horizontal applications and concrete products.    public to take it for granted. The intrinsic values of
The nine declarations of the Concrete JSI charter, which       concrete construction may be obvious to industry
can be found at www.sustainableconcrete.org, provide           insiders, but they will now be communicated pro-
the principles and framework to align all the organi-          actively through the Concrete JSI. Declaration No. 4 of
zations’ efforts and coordinate their resources to support     the Concrete JSI (refer to www.sustainableconcrete.org)
the goals of advocacy, dissemination of credible and           outlines some of the key values to s
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