Notable Concrete in Chicago: Examples of recent construction in the Chicagoland area by ProQuest


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									               Notable Concrete
                  in Chicago
                      Examples of recent construction in the chicagoland area

All Saints Cemetery                                            Aqua

     In advance of the ACI Spring 2010 Convention, here’s a glimpse of several significant projects:

All SAiNtS Cemetery                                            AquA
700 North River Road, Des Plaines, IL                          225 North Columbus Drive, Chicago, IL
    The natural beauty and durability of precast concrete         Totaling 82 stories and 2.3 million ft2 (210,000 m2),
make it an ideal material for this indoor/outdoor              Aqua demanded creativity and problem-solving to bring
memorial space. The feeling of permanence embodied in          architect Jeanne Gang’s groundbreaking reinforced
the weight of the precast contrasts with the lightness of      concrete design to fruition. The “waves” of cantilevered
its deep white luster to create an atmosphere of honor         balconies extend from 9 in. (229 mm) to 12 ft (3.6 m),
and remembrance.                                               making every floor unique. General contractor McHugh
    Submitted by International Concrete Products,              Construction developed flexible forms and cantilevered
Germantown, WI, and Lehigh Cement Co., White Cement            supports that facilitated framing the unique shapes. A
Division, Allentown, PA.                                       computerized surveying system helped to meet a tight

18     march 2010   / Concrete international
Chicago Riverwalk

                                                             Drexel Parking Garage

Congress Parkway Bridge                                      slabs and embedded rods that bear on concrete rubble
                                                             from the demolition of existing dock walls.
3-day placement schedule. The thin balcony slabs,               Submitted by Ross Barney Architec
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