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									634                                                                 Notes, March 2010

is intentionally genre-defying (Bang on a      of Brian Eno’s Music for Airports, where Eno
Can All Stars, “About,” http://bangonacan      openly appreciates the work Bang on a Can
.org/all_stars/about [accessed 18 Novem-       brought to his music. He believed that
ber 2009] ).                                   Bang on a Can brought emotion to the mu-
   The first part of this film frames the mu-    sic that he originally did not put there.
sical landscape from which Bang on a Can          The film follows a logical progression in
emerged. The film almost exclusively fo-        presenting all the elements surrounding
cuses on New York City, with music of the      Bang on a Can’s formation. The interviews
various composers set against the backdrop     with composers influential to Bang on a
of city scenes interspersed with interview     Can do well in explaining musical and cul-
footage. Interviews with Steve Reich, Philip   tural circumstances from which the group
Glass, and others who influenced Bang on        emerged. Additionally, the excerpts from
a Can, as well as Bang on a Can musicians      each of these composers’ works, set against
are included throughout. Reich and Glass       the backdrop of New York City scenes, en-
discuss how their minimalist music was         hance these explanations both aurally and
originally ostracized by the American aca-     visually. As a result, viewers will emerge
demic establishment, which is in part why      from this film better able to contextualize
Bang on a Can musicians were originally at-    Bang on a Can’s role within the current
tracted to their music. Founders Michael       American musical landscape, as well as
Gordon, David Lang and Julia Wolfe also        achieving a heightened awareness of some
discuss how the forming of their group was     of the issues currently surrounding Ameri-
a means of bridging “uptown” music (asso-      can music as a whole.
ciated with the “academy” and high art)           The program notes accompanying this
and “downtown” music (associated with          DVD, in both English and French, do well
minimalism, inspired in part by popular        to frame the context of both films, and also
music). The film eventually transitions to a    serve as a means of tying both together. It is
focus on Bang on a Can itself, with mem-       useful to read these prior to viewing the
bers Gordon, Lang and Wolfe acknowledg-        films.
ing the influence of Reich and Glass on
their music, as well as Dutch composers
Louis Andriessen and Martijn Padding.
   Towards the end of the film, the focus                                Peter H. Lisius
goes back to Bang on a Can’s arrangement                                Kent State University

Christa Ludwig, Die Winterreise. DVD. Produced and directed by
Eugene Sánchez Lansch. [Halle, Germany]: Arthaus Musik, 2009. 102
147. $24.99.
   The performance of Die Winterreise pre-     “Christa Ludwig: Lieder Recital,” which was
served on this disc took place in Athens in    not received for review here.
1994 and 
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