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NSFI Europe Scoops FiE Award                                                                 BENEO-Group Launches
National Starch Food Innovation’s pioneering cost saving bakery ingredient,                  New Initiative at FiE
N-Dulge FR starch, was celebrated at the Food ingredients Excellence Awards                  The BENEO-Group announced the launch
2009. Claiming the bakery innovation of the year prize and clinching the overall             of the BENEO-Institute at this year’s FiE.
Most Innovative Food Ingredient award, the cost saving ingredient impressed                  Brought to life to fulfil BENEO’s aim of
the judges with its fat replacement potential and its performance in a range of              “Connecting Nutrition and Health,” the
baked goods. The panel of industry experts highlighted N-Dulge FR’s ability to               Institute has been established to provide
demonstrate and drive innovation. The team responsible for developing and                    BENEO-Group’s customers and partners
marketing the product were praised for their technical insight, consumer focus               access to expertise from all three business
and commitment to maximizing value for their customers. “We’re thrilled to have              units; BENEO-Orafti, BENEO-Palatinit and
won this prestigious award and that such a learned judgement panel has validated             BENEO-Remy. Customers will benefit from the latest research in nutritional science and
that N-Dulge FR is indeed a truly innovative solution,” said Mike O’Riordan, the             advice regarding claims and other regulatory affairs topics, ranging from prebiotics to
company’s European technical director. “By anticipating the future needs of our              functional sugar to rice derivatives. Supporting a healthy lifestyle and a prevention-oriented
customers, we were able to deliver a groundbreaking and cost-effective solution              diet is the focus of the BENEO-Institute. The key nutritional topics that will form the basis
for reducing saturated fat in baked products at the right time for the market.”              of the BENEO-Institute’s work include weight management, digestive health, physical and
N-Dulge FR is a starch-based solution that significantly reduces the cost of                 mental performance, the effects of a low glycemic diet in the context of healthy eating
ingredients while enabling savings on warehousing and storage and improving                  and disease prevention, as well as dental health. Working with an international network
production efficiency. It increases shelf-life and offers excellent batch-to-batch           of scientists from various universities, research institutes and food industry partners, the
consistency, reducing wastage and increasing value to manufacturers. The                     BENEO-Group will draw from long-term experience to create a sound scientific basis,
ingredient mimics the role that butter, margarine or bakery fats play in a cake              promote innovation in health and nutrition and highlight the added value that functional
recipe (high ratio or pound cake type). The result is the opportunity to cut the fat         ingredients provide to consumers. The new BENEO-Institute will consist of three teams of
and saturated fat content of pound cakes by two thirds, while reducing the calorie           specialists selected from the life science, nutrition communication and legislation/regulatory
content by 25% (www.foodinnovation.com).                                                     affairs divisions, supported by further internal experts including food technologists or
                                                                                             chemists and experts from the BENEO-Institute global network.
                                                                                                 Yves Servotte, BENEO-Group Executive Board Member, said: “We’re delighted to be
Brain Health Breakthrough for Neptune                                                        unveiling the BENEO-Institute at this year’s Food ingredients Europe exhibition. By bringing
Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc. (www.neptunebiotech.com) has                       together and building on our existing network of highly regarded scientific and academic
announced the results of preclinical research performed by NeuroCode AG (Wetzlar,            contacts within food and life science, the BENEO-Institute represents an exciting new
Germany), a team of recognized experts dedicated to the specific profiling of active         phase for the group. Our customers and partners will benefit from the research being
pharmaceutical ingredients using the electroencephalographic (EEG) power spectra of          done into functional ingredients and the increasing detailed knowledge about these
conscious free moving rats. The objectives of the trial were to determine the nature and     ingredients. The transformation of this knowledge into dossiers for the substantiation
extent of the effect of a new medical food candidate, NKPL, on the electrical activity       of claims and the interpretation of regulatory challenges will add value and, ultimately,
of the brain and to characterize the EEG effects in relation to standard central nervous     improve the efficiency of the development of new products.” The BENEO-Institute will
system (CNS) drugs. At the lowest daily dose of 250 mg, NKPL showed a significant            act as an advisory body for customers and partners for the entire product development
effect strongly resembling the activity of methylphenidate or Ritalin, a drug recognized     process, from ingredient approval, nutritional composition, physiological effects to
as the gold standard for the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).   communication and labelling questions (www.BENEO-Instit
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