Real-Time Viscosity Measurement for Condition-Based Monitoring Using Solid-State Viscosity Sensor by ProQuest


For optimal condition-based monitoring the measurement of viscosity is essential. Consideration of the manufacturing sector renders laboratory approaches as unsuitable, due to the lag-time between sampling and results reporting. Therefore, the continuous measurement approach has been considered the most ideal, yielding instantaneous results reporting and quality control feedback. The historical design of viscometers has resulted in a complex, highly mechanical device associated with a high cost and selling price. Highly sensitive solid-state viscosity sensors in an online configuration will provide the benefits of fast results reporting, simple fluidics management, and advantageous cast/ benefit relation. The sensor measures viscous damping of a surface shear wave on a quartz crystal to obtain the viscosity-density product of the sample. The sensor offers solid-state reliability, real-time response time, and is immune to flow conditions and vibration while designed for the challenging process control environments and for OEM applications. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

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