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									                                                                 Y o u r aSSociation

Managing Editor’s Desk                                   gram. The new expectation is for a confer-               best place for environmental health profes-
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                                                         ence program to feature the kind of educa-               sionals to get a return on their investment for
first note that NEHA has forever prided itself           tion that enables an attendee to return to               the education they acquire.
on its practicality. Yes, we explore some pretty         their workplace with the ability to more                    After the conference concludes and as a
esoteric issues at times and yes, we do devote           than pay for their trip through new cost-                part of the new ROI framework, we will ac-
some of the pages of this Journal to emerging            effective program improvements. In other                 tually be measuring, for example, outcomes
research on various environmental health top-            words, we are now committed (even more                   such as improved performance on the job,
ics. We sometimes allow ourselves to pursue              than in the past) to providing our confer-               financial savings, or revenue enhancements
knowledge for the sake of knowledge.                     ence attendees with an educational expe-                 that have been accomplished through ex-
   Yet NEHA has always prided itself on its              rience that will both 1) advance the profi-              panded professional networks of colleagues
practicality. We have consistently mined in-             ciency of the profession AND 2) enable the               as well as financial impacts resulting from
formation and expertise for the real-world               attendee to more than pay for their confer-              the implementation of new products or tech-
and practical education that we could then               ence experience through the cost savings or              nologies. As NEHA gets more deeply into
make available to you.                                   revenue enhancements that they can imple-                ROI conference events, we want to be able to
   As we approach this year’s annual confer-             ment back home on the job.                               document—to you—the real financial value
ence, we have taken our crusade to provide                  This is the first year that we have em-               of our AEC & Exhibition!
you with “the real world and the practical”              ployed the principles of ROI conference                     Yes, your budget challenges are real. Yes, the
to a whole new level. Let me now get to the              building. Please know that we are designing              acceptability of attending face-to-face meetings
point of my column.                                      major educational tracks within the Albu-                has been compromised thanks to the AIG ef-
   As the challenges to the meetings industry            querque AEC & Exhibition to feature this                 fect and the emergence of virtual meetings.
became clear, a novel and exciting response              kind of education.                                       Know, however, that NEHA understands the
emerged within the industry. Though the num-                Studies show that in-person meetings                  very real nature of these challenges. Moreover,
bers of associations that have jumped on board           can produce returns of up to $12 for every               we will NOT try to deny or argue with these
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