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									                                                             Y o u r aSSociation

     neh A Second v I ce PreSIdent IAL cAndIdAte Pr ofILe S

     continued from page 45                                                      I have a professional track record of leadership within NEHA
     •	 facilitating shared resources between affiliates/regions to pro-      and within our profession, and look forward to providing a fresh
        vide collaborative or synchronized training.                          generational perspective on environmental health. I am committed
                                                                              to the advancement of environmental health practice and to the
        People join an association for reasons of education, communication,   growth of NEHA. With your support, I will work as energetically
     and networking. These days, many professionals are looking to their      to fulfill my duties and your needs as your second vice president.
     association with one question: How can my association help provide
     me with the skills, the resources, and the networking that will keep       Michéle
     me employed? We talk about sustainability of the environment … my        Please feel free to write or call … I’d like to hear your thoughts!
     focus is the sustainability of our profession.
        I have been an EH professional for 20+ years, and over the past       E-mail:;
     decade I have enthusiastically and tirelessly given my time and en-      phone: 732.297.0750.
     ergy actively serving NEHA and our members working on a variety          Visit my Web clearinghouse for EH resources:
     of EH projects.                                                

     nehA reGIonAL vIce PreSIdentIAL cAndIdAte ProfILeS

                              James D. Dingman,                                  Prior to working at UL, I was employed by Tri-County Health
                              MS, REHS, DLAAS                                 Department in the Denver area for 16 years, last serving as their
                                                                              education and enforcement coordinator.
                             I am honored to currently serve as your   
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