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Crighton spoke to a group of about 85 businesspeople earlier this month in Newark, during aconference sponsored by the New YorkBusiness Group on Health, whose members are employers in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut A key message of the conference was that employers should follow Prudential's example - don't just address the health of your own employees, but also take on the daunting task of transforming the health care system itself The majority of Americans get health coverage through their employers, and while national health care reform seems to be stalled in Congress, the billions that employers spend on health care gives them a voice in improving the quality of care and squeezing waste out of the system, said Laurel Pickering executive director of the New YorkBusiness Group on Health.

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Increasing incentives

                                                                         Getting in shape to Zaro: Pa. has met its match
BPU expands energy-audit incentives
program to include nonprofits, govern-
ment agencies. Page 5

                                                                         lower health costs                                           Says personal touch by Christie, Guadagno making N.J. a competitor
                                                                                                                                               BY aNDReW KITcHeNMaN                           bringing jobs back to New Jersey and keeping
                                                                         Employers encouraging lifestyle changes                      GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE has begun to fulfill a              the ones that we have.”
                                                                                                                                      campaign promise of making personal phone                    “The whole econom-
                                                                                         BY BeTH FITZGeRaLD                           calls to the leaders of businesses the state is         ic crisis we’re in is gen-
                                                                         K. ANDREW CRIGHTON, chief medical officer of Pru-            looking to recruit and retain, leaving some of the      erated, I believe, from an
                                                                         dential Financial, is convinced employers can help           state’s top economic officials impressed with his       onerous tax system that
                                                                         make Americans healthier — no matter what happens            early commitment.                                       has driven business from
                                                                         to health care reform in Washington.                                Christie said he made six or seven phone         the state, a burdensome
Work hard, play hard                                                          Five years ago, the Newark-based financial services     calls to both small and large businesses in his         regulatory system that has
Program aims to produce stronger work                                    giant began encouraging its employees to become better       first three weeks in office, as has Lt. Gov. Kim        driven business from the       Chris Christie
force by encouraging students to study,                                  health care consumers, “and when employees really get        Guadagno. He said he has made it a priority             state — and these business leaders, both small
improve test scores. Page 5                                                                       ➤➤   See HEALTH on page 7           “because there’s nothing more important than                                  ➤➤   See JOBS on page 6

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                                                                                   BY aNDReW KITcHeNMaN                        industries deserve his attention, and that the state        number of horse racetracks and expand gaming

                                                                         THE FUTURE OF Atlantic City, the Meadowlands          has allowed problems to stagnate.                           to the tracks; and the future of the Xanadu proj-
                                                                         and New Jersey’s horseracing and gaming indus-             The panel has been given a broad mandate               ect in the Meadowlands.
                                                                         tries could be determined by a new commission         to explore potential solutions and report back                    The horse industry is keenly tracking Christie’s
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