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In an interview, Daniel M. Klein, CPM, co-founder and managing director of asset services for CR Richard Ellis/Reichle Klein, talked about his company and what the AMO accreditation means. He said that CB Richard Ellis has world-class, unparalleled services to offer its people and its clients. He is humbled by this every day. Vast intellectual capabilities exist within CB Richard Ellis. IREM is the leading organization in commercial property management. And being an AMO firm allows them to take advantage of all IREM has to offer. This includes networking, relationship building and learning opportunities. Although the markets are currently struggling with the lingering economic effects of the downturn, they are fairly stable and consistent over time. As a result, the property management community is fairly close-knit.

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									        INSIDE IREM AMO SPOTLIgHT

                                                               COMPaNy HeadqUaRteRs LOCatION Toledo, ohio
                                                               NUMbeR OF eMPLOyees 56
                                                               date tHe COMPaNy beCaMe aN aMO FIRM 2009
                                                               COMPaNy web sIte

DaNIEL M. KLEIN, cpM®, Is ThE cO-fOuNDER                       The merger has been great for people from all three orga-
aND MaNagINg DIREcTOR Of assET sER-                            nizations. We continue to learn from one another. We
VIcEs fOR cB RIchaRD ELLIs/REIchLE KLEIN                       continue to adopt best practices from each other, capitaliz-
IN TOLEDO, OhIO. Highly trained in both real estate            ing on the strengths we all brought to the table. We enjoy a
law and the real estate field, he is an experienced provider   dominant market share in excess of 60 percent. Acquiring
of real estate services and solutions. In 1994, Klein, along   the two firms on the eve of the greatest recession in our
with Harlan Reichle, founded The Reichle Klein Group,          lifetime has presented its own set of challenges. But, we
which subsequently evolved into the Toledo affiliate           are well-positioned for success on the other end.
office of CB Richard Ellis. JPM talked to Klein about his
company and what the AMO® accreditation means.                 WhaT aRE ThE aDVaNTagEs Of BEINg assOcIaTED
                                                               WITh IREM as aN aMO fIRM?
                                                               IREM is the leading organization in commercial property
as aN affILIaTE Of ThE WORLD’s LaRgEsT REaL                    management. And being an AMO firm allows us to take
EsTaTE fIRM, yOuR OffIcE ENJOys a VaRIETy Of                   advantage of all IREM has to offer. This includes net-
REsOuRcEs, such as WORLDWIDE REsEaRch aND                      working, relationship building and learning opportuni-
sTaTIsTIcs. hOW haVE ThEsE REsOuRcEs aIDED                     ties. IREM is a resource-rich organization and is clearly
yOuR cOMpaNy? 
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