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									                                                                         International Journal of Government Auditing–January 2010

59th Governing Board Meeting Held in Cape Town                                                     I   N     S    I   D     E
South Africa

     When:                    November 16–18, 2009
     Where:                   Cape Town, South Africa
     Host:                    South African SAI

     Participants:            SAIs from Australia, China, the Cook Islands,
                              Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, the European Court
                              of Auditors, France, Hungary, India, Ivory
                              Coast, Libya, Mexico, Morocco, the Russian
                              Federation, Saudi Arabia, South Africa,
                              South Korea, St. Kitts and Nevis, Sweden,
                              the United Kingdom, the United States of
                              America, and Venezuela.

INTOSAI’s annual Governing Board meeting was held in Cape Town, South Africa,
November 16–18, 2009. Terence Nombembe, Auditor General of South Africa, hosted
the meeting in his capacity as organizer of the upcoming XX INCOSAI that will be
held in Johannesburg in November 2010.

The board members—18 heads of SAIs from all INTOSAI regions—were joined
by observers representing committees, working groups, and task forces for 2 days of
discussion and deliberation on a range of important issues. In addition, the board
received reports from the goals chairs and approved the annual reports of the General
Secretariat, the INTOSAI Development Initiative, and this Journal.

Finance and Administration Committee
Osama Jafar Faqeeh, the chair of the Finance and Administration Committee,
updated the board on the committee’s activities over the past year; he also reported
on the activities of the task forces on donor funding and the INTOSAI strategic
plan. He noted that INTOSAI had just signed an historic agreement with the donor
community that will help build capacity in SAIs (see page 31 for more information
on this initiative) and that the strategic plan is undergoing its first major revision since
the inaugural plan for 2005–2010. Kirsten Astrup, the Director of Strategic Planning,
reported on the status of the 2011–2016 plan. To date, few comments had been
received recommending significant revisions to the new draft plan. (See page 24 for
additional information on the strategic plan.)

Professional Standards Committee
All goal chairs provided reports. Henrik Otbo, Auditor General of Denmark, reported
on the Professional Standards Committee, focusing on the need to increase awareness

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