Automation on track at raceway by ProQuest


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                                          Automation on track
                                                  at raceway
A non-contacting asphalt paving system helped an Arizona
contractor achieve exceptional pavement smoothness and a
70% increase in production on a racetrack near Phoenix

        ast fall, Ace Asphalt of Ari-     null (blanking) band on a high-speed       for the smoothness to a Topcon Sys-
        zona Inc. used hot mix            profilograph. A typical Arizona            tem 5 Sonic Averaging System. Using
        asphalt to pave the two           transportation department spec is 6        that system, Ace ran two 30-foot-long
        straight-aways of a nearly        inches per mile. Ace’s average for this    non-contact skis, one on each side of
        6-mile oval that measures 39      project: 1.1 inches per mile.              the Ingersoll Rand paver. Four track-
feet wide with banked curves at the          “If we could have gotten within 2       ers are suspended from each ski.
ends.                                     inches per mile, the customer would            The trackers have transducers
   The smoothness spec was excep-         have been happy,” says Phillips. “Pre-     that “read” the surface beside the
tionally stringent, but Ace rose to the   vious to our resurfacing, the existing     paver, use it as a grade reference, and
challenge, notes Josh Phillips, project
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