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									                                                                                                           by John Giles

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Quark Marketing
Services & QR Codes
             uark has announced the launch of Quark-             design and templates, and getting more printers to buy
             Promote.com, a new online service aimed at          Quark 8 in the hope that they can support Quark 8 users.
             promoting QuarkXpress 8 and creating new              Is the program a good deal for printers? If Quark pours
             business for printers. The special website          money into advertising and marketing to consumers,
service is expected to help entrepreneurs and small busi-        then printers may see new customers trying to find
nesses in the U.S. easily create their own high-quality,         someone who can output Quark files. If you are already
professional marketing materials that can be picked up at        a QuarkXpress user, you will want to sign up since it is
a neighborhood printer or received by mail in just a few         free and it might drive a customer your way. If you aren’t
days. According to the company, the service allows people        a QuarkXpress 8 user already, it is going to cost you for
with no previous design or printing experience to custom-        the upgrade. The question becomes is it worth getting the
ize professionally designed templates for business cards,        upgrade if you aren’t guaranteed work?
postcards, flyers, brochures, appointment cards, coupons,          Printers using QuarkXpress 8 will want to market the
letterhead, and envelopes.                                       service locally and then convince the customer to send
  Quark hopes it can promote business for printers who           them the print job.
use QuarkXpress 8. The customer using the service can              Quark already offers printers and service bureaus the
opt to have the templates forwarded to a local printer for       QuarkAlliance Community Output Provider program. The
easy pickup. Quark has partnered with franchises such as         service helps printers keep current with the latest software
Allegra Network, AlphaGraphics, PIP, Signal Graphics, and        as well as offering access to first-line technical support.
Sir Speedy as well as independents.                                To apply, go to www.quark.com and visit “Partners.” The
  In addition to printers, QuarkPromote.com will also            higher version of the QuarkAlliance authorized partner
include a free directory of professional graphic design-         program has an enrollment fee of $495. As a partner, you
ers that customers can use to find a nearby designer             can use the Quark-authorized partner logo in your mar-
should they need other types of specialized materials. The       keting collateral and on your website. You will also benefit
designer and customer can then work together to create           from co-marketing opportunities and a shared booth pres-
a logo, advertisement, or other items that go beyond the         ence at trade shows when available. In addition to techni-
QuarkPromote.com templates.                                      cal and marketing support, members receive complimen-
  The new program looks similar to the now defunct               tary software of selected programs and software discounts.
Microsoft Publisher Service Provider Program (PSPP).             The company also offers a complimentary version of the
Printers who use QuarkXPress 8 can list their name and           program at no cost.
address on the site and if a customer orders a template, he        If a printer wants to provide higher-end design services
can see a list of printers in his area who use QuarkXpress       without a designer, he should look at the templates from
8. He can download the template, ma
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