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					                                             N E W S O F T H E Q U I C K P R I N T I N G I N D U S T R Y AT A G L A N C E

      update                    news

  “Today, print and mar-                  and one was born with a severe heart        been appointed president of Baldwin
keting service providers                  problem that eventually took her life       Graphic Systems.
                                          in November of 1989. My wife and I            www.baldwintech.com
are finding clients react                 had a hard time with that, and still do
favorably to a complete,                  at times. We just keep putting one foot
integrated range of ser-                  in front of the other and keep going.
                                            We both know we will never make
vices.”                                   the Top 100 printers in your maga-
         From Kodak One                   zine, but it would be nice to see some
                magazine                  of the other successes in our field.
                                          Because not all success is measured in
                                          millions, some are measured in other
                                          areas such as friendships my wife and
any misunderstanding that may have        I have made with most all of our cus-           DONALD                 JOHN
transpired as a result.                   tomers. You cannot put a dollar sign           GUSTAFSON            O"DONNELL
                                          on that type of reward.
                                            Tom & Debbie Rockers                        JOHN O’DONNELL has joined
                                            Hot Off The Press,                        Avanti as the U.S. Southeast regional
  LETTERS TO                                Independence, MO                          account manager. He will be based
                                                                                      out of Atlanta.
  THE EDITOR                                                                            www.avantisystems.com

  Bob,                                      UPDATE ON                                   DEBORAH ALBRO has been
  Your editorial in the December 2009                                                 named vice president, customer ser-
issue of Quick Printing was fantastic,       PEOPLE                                   vice and operations, for DirectMail.
fun, and nothing short of genius! I                                                   com, which recently acquired Eagle
read it to the staff in our morning         PHIL LEBLANC has been                     Direct of Upper Marlboro, MD.
production meeting today and wit-         named vice president of development           www.directmail.com
nessed a lot of smiles.                   for Allegra Network. He previously
  Thank you for all you do for our        held the title of director of franchise       JOHN RAITHEL, KBA senior
industry!                                 development for Signs Now, but will         VP of sheetfed sales has been named
  Paul Cracroft                           now oversee both the Allegra fran-          to the 2010 PIA board of directors for
  Square One Printing, Logan, UT          chise and Signs Now divisions.              a three year term representing the
                                            www.allegranetwork.com                    Printing Industries of Michigan affili-
   Editor,                                                                            ate. DOMENIC DIRENZO has
   My wife and I started our printing      KELD THORSEN has been                      joined KBA as Northeast region
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Description: JOHN RAITHEL, KBA senior VP of sheetfed sales has been named to the 2010 PIA board of directors for a three year term representing the Printing Industries of Michigan affiliate. DOMENIC DIRENZO has joined KBA as Northeast regional sales manager.
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